Derick Dillard: Does He Ever See His Awful In-Laws?!?

Derick Dillard is not a big fan of his wife’s infamous family. This may be the understatement of the century. But while Derick has blasted Jim Bob Duggar, in particular, on frequent occasions of late, many observers out there continue to wonder: Does he actually spend time with his in-laws?

Cleaner reveals how she got her kitchen floor sparkling using a £5 fabric stain remover

A MUM has revealed how she got her floors sparkling clean using a stain remover intended for clothes. Taking to the Facebook group, Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise the Australian woman shared the astonishing before and after snaps of kitchen floor after using Vanish Gold. Before using the product

Phillip Schofield reveals he sought advice from a self-help book

Phillip Schofield reveals he sought advice from a self-help book before coming out… with the tome detailing ‘the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world’ The presenter, 57, took to Instagram to reveal the news in a lengthy and impassioned post on Friday before appearing on This

Harvey Weinstein vows he'll be 'fully exonerated' at New York trial

Howard Kurtz: Hillary aide pressed Ronan Farrow as he pursued big donor Weinstein ‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the bombshell reports from Ronan Farrow’s new book, ‘Catch and Kill’. NEW YORK CITY – Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial in New York begins this week and is poised to set the

James Duggar: Is He REALLY Courting Lauren Caldwell?

Ever since Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell back in 2017, there have been rumors that Kendra’s sister is involved with one of Joe’s brothers. This isn’t terribly surprising, as the Duggar and Caldwell clans have been close for years, and Jim Bob is known to be a big fan of

Audrey Roloff Lists 10 Ways Her Daughter is… Breaking Her Heart?

Audrey Roloff is expecting her second child in very early 2020. The former reality star will give birth to a son in January. But Audrey hasn't forgotten about her firstborn, that's for sure, often sharing photos of little Ember on Instagram and now giving followers a detailed update on what

Man says he loves 'nature girls' while sharing snap of woman in makeup

Man is mocked for saying he loves ‘nature girls’ with ‘no makeup on’ while sharing a picture of a woman ‘wearing at least 15 cosmetic products’ Christomy Christalin, who is known as ‘mrchris95’ online, took to Twitter last week to post a photo of French Instagram model Rebecca Biangue  

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Wants His Kids to Grow Up in Canada

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, though many people might not realize that he is not from the United States. In fact, Reynolds was born in Canada and started out by appearing in several Canadian shows and movies. These days, he spends a lot of time in

Richard Osman reveals he confused US woman after using British phrases

Presenter Richard Osman reveals he left an American woman baffled by explaining the terms ‘zebra crossings’ and ‘lollipop ladies’ Richard Osman posted about the amusing yet awkward exchange on Twitter Said he left American baffled by discussing zebra crossings and lollipop ladies  Others contributed to thread, with one saying ‘clothes

Justin & Hailey Bieber Head To The Movies For An Afternoon Date

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber head to the back entrance of a movie theater while out in Los Angeles on Thursday (September 26). The cute couple snuck into the back entrance for an afternoon movie date together ahead of their upcoming wedding this coming weekend. Hailey wore a very relateable