Nicole Nafziger: What Her Mom REALLy Thinks About Azan!

For a couple of years, 90 Day Fiance fans demanded to know why Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou were so far apart, if they "really" loved each other so much. In early March, Nicole took a trip to Morocco to see Azan in person. Instead of silencing critics, however, the

Mum-of-seven shares her home-schooling tips for parents during lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of parents panicking about how on earth to make sure their children keep learning during lockdown. One mum-of-seven, who has been home-schooling her brood for four years, has shared her advice to help parents feel more confident caring for their kids in quarantine.

Pink Shows Off Her Hair After Drunkenly Cutting It the Night Before: Watch

Uh oh! Pink just did something Kelly Ripa warned Us about. On Wednesday, March 24, the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer posted a video to her Instagram feed that she captioned, “Hair cuts and drinking Quarantine diaries.” See How the Stars Do At-Home Style During the Coronavirus Outbreak “This

Mother reveals her 'healthy' son, 5, was hospitalised with coronavirus

‘Mummy, am I going to die?’ Mother reveals she was left terrified for her ‘perfectly healthy’ five-year-old son’s life after he was hospitalised with hallucinations, vomiting and a 42°C temperature due to coronavirus Laura Fulbrook, 30, from Worcestershire, horrified by son’s symptoms Revealed Alfie, 5, had temperature of 42C, suffered hallucinations

Woman shows her grandad she’s engaged through his care home window during heartbreaking coronavirus lockdown

A YOUNG woman who recently got engaged desperately wanted to tell her grandfather the news, but because of the coronavirus restrictions, she was forced to show him through the window of his nursing home. The touching  moment between a Carly Boyd, 22, and her elderly grandfather was caught has on

Adorable dog looks after her humans by guarding the bread and cookies at home

Dogs are known for being caring creatures who defend and protect their humans. But Jakey, a German Rottweiler from Buffalo, Minnesota, has a strange way of looking after her family – by making sure that no strangers steal the carbs in the house. Whenever her owner, 30-year-old Katrina Frank, leaves the

Elainea and her Asberger's son bonded in the kitchen

Cooking together is our recipe for happiness: Single mother and TV show contestant Elainea struggled to get through to her Asberger’s son – until they bonded in the kitchen Elainea Emmott and her son Wesley, 20, bonded over a shared love of cooking The amateaur cook recently appeared on Heston

Tiffany Haddish Dips Her Pickles In the Most Unusual Food & We're Not Sure It's Even Legal

Tiffany Haddish thrives on the unexpected — if you’ve ever heard her comedy, you know that’s true. There’s a lot you might not know about the Kids Say the Darndest Things host’s life, and that includes some of the wacky food combos she eats during the day. Not that our

Gemma Collins thinks her phone is spying on her in the toilet

Gemma Collins has come out with some corkers in her time but her latest statement, that her phone might be spying on her in the toilet, is certainly up there. While some bring in a book or magazine to occupy their time in the bathroom, Gemma, 39, admits she brings

Bridezilla calls her niece ‘lazy’ when she refuses to make her wedding cake, alter the dress AND do the seating plan

A LOT goes into planning a wedding – regardless of its size – so having a supportive and helpful network of friends and family can go a long way in ensuring the day goes to plan.  It seems one bride has pushed all boundaries and has showcased an exquisite display