Here’s How to Get Our Exclusive ‘Eat for Abs’ Meal Plan

Hey there, Men’s Health reader. There’s something you should know about sculpting the six-pack of your dreams: Eating right is a huge part of it. That’s why Men’s Health developed Eat for Abs, a comprehensive guide to losing unwanted belly fat and revealing the muscles underneath—and if you subscribe to

Here’s The Huge Sin You Are Committing When Making Pancakes

Pancakes are a perfect food, right? They’re customizable with different toppings or add-ons inside, and they can be more savory or sweet depending on how you want to start your day. Heck, you can even have them for dinner if you want! Pancakes are relatively easy to make, but that

Here’s What The Friends Reunion Taught Jennifer Aniston About Matthew Perry

Jennifer Aniston is opening up about how she felt when reunited with her former co-stars for the “Friends” reunion. Aniston, along with the rest of the show’s stars, recently came together for the first time since the widely popular sitcom ended in 2004, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Aniston revealed

As a Trans Athlete, Here’s What Keeps Me on Track

Trans athlete Andraya Yearwood competed on a girls’ track team when she was in high school in Connecticut. Yearwood was brought into the national spotlight in 2020 when three cis girls and their families filed a lawsuit to ban transgender athletes from participating in sports in Connecticut. The lawsuit claimed

Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Piercing At Claire’s

In many young people’s lives, having pierced ears is like a right of passage. Whether it’s a young child who wants to wear fun, fashionable, and stylish earrings with all of their looks, a teenager looking to add an edge to their style, or parents who decide that they want

Here’s What Kirstie Alley’s Net Worth Really Is

For over four decades, Kirstie Alley has become a familiar face on both the small and big screen. From her major film debut in “Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan” as Saavik and her appearance in “Summer School” to her series regular role on “Cheers” as Rebecca Howe (via IMDB),

Here’s How David Schwimmer Referred To Brad Pitt In The Friends Reunion

During the “Friends” reunion special on May 27, the main cast — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer — sat down and discussed some of their best moments from the sitcom’s 10-year-history. In particular, the cast members sat down with host James Corden and dished

Here’s What Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Net Worth Really Is

Celebrity chef Cat Cora knew she wanted to work in the culinary industry from a very young age (via Signature Travel Network). She grew up in a small Greek community in Mississippi with a family that held a deep appreciation for cooking and eating. By the time she was 15

Here’s When You Should Really Replace Your Spices

When was the last time you thought to check out the spices living in your spice cabinet? Chances are, some of those bottles have been there for longer than you realize. While spices can’t exactly go rotten, without the obvious smell of rancid food it can be difficult to tell