Kendall Jenner Pulls Hilarious Engagement Prank on Her Sisters

The model also pranked her mom, Kris Jenner, and joked that she was pregnant. Kendall Jenner pulled a hilarious prank on her sisters. In a video posted to Poosh’s YouTube channel on Saturday, the model joined her older sister and Poosh founder, Kourtney Kardashian, for a boozy game of Truth

Hilarious snaps show people having their worst day ever

Try again tomorrow! Hilarious snaps show people having their worst day ever – including a mass of smashed eggs in a warehouse and an ice cream thieving seagull Spotlight rounded up photos from around the world of people having a bad day Anonymous employees were snapped cleaning up trays of

People share hilarious signs they've come across

A sign of superior wit! Hilarious snaps reveal some VERY cleverly-worded notices that won’t fail to catch your attention People from the US have shared the most hilarious signs they’ve come across  One advert invited clients to try one woman’s ‘worst coffee’ she ever had Another sign on a house

Hilarious pictures of dogs looking like something else

It’s a DOG-gelganger! Owners share hilarious snaps of pets and their famous doubles in the #LookAlikeChallenge – from Rod Stewart to a scowling Clint Eastwood People from the US and UK have shared pictures of their look-alike pooches  One was spitting image of Harrison Ford, another looked just like Albert

Mum shares her hilarious homeschooling plan for ‘home economics’ and parents are instantly on board

WITH home schooling in action across the country, mums are desperate to find a way to continue educating their children effectively. Luckily, one mum has come up with a genius and hilarious way to help educate kids in and out of the classroom during lockdown – while still ensuring the

Bowen Yang’s Hilarious Weekend Update Character Is The One ‘SNL’ Moment You Have To See

As the first full East Asian cast member on Saturday Night Live, Bowen Yang perked up a lot of ears when his hiring was announced in September. The writer and comedian showed off some of his comedic chops in Season 45’s premiere when he played presidential candidate Andrew Yang in