Falling From Grace: How Lindsay Lohan Lost Millions

Lindsay Lohan was once the youngest and one of the highest-paid Hollywood superstars who became a millionaire before being an adult. Sadly, she soon lost her millions.Fans remember Lindsay for her part in Mean Girls, and it automatically becomes hard to believe that she lost her wealth so drastically. Lohan

Woman reveals how she saved £16,000 while travelling the world and staying at luxury properties

AN Australian woman revealed how she managed to save £16,000 while travelling the world. Madolline Gourley, who normally works as a government contractor in Brisbane, said that she saved the huge amount – by babysitting CATS. The 31-year-old said that she realised she could save huge amounts on accommodation and

How you can get free drinks on your next flight, according to cabin crew

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how to get free drinks and even air miles next time you travel by plane. Passengers who find anything wrong with their seat could nab some freebies, as long as they ask. Kat Kamalani, who works as a flight attendant in the US, has racked

How Pippa Middleton struggled to make her mark

How has the last decade treated royal wedding bridesmaid Pippa Middleton? Kate’s sister’s famous bottom stole the show but her party book flopped and a US TV career never got off the ground (but at least she married a billionaire!) Pippa Middleton hit headlines around the world as sister Kate’s

Diamond Expert Reveals How Much Clare Crawley’s Ring Cost

Calling all of Bachelor Nation: Clare Crawley is wearing her massive diamond ring from Dale Moss again (via Cosmopolitan), and it’s even more expensive than we thought. Clare became one of our favorite “Bachelor” contestants on after she came in as runner-up on Season 18, featuring Venezuelan bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Here’s How To Achieve The ‘Cloud Skin’ Trend

Everyone wants dreamy, glowing, Instagram filter looking skin. It will always be in no matter the year and the season. Popularly dubbed “cloud skin,” the latest skincare trend has taken the beauty world by storm — and it’s perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Unlike the previous fads —

How These Celebs Bring Sustainability Into Their Luxury Brands

With science foreshadowing the grim prospects of Earth’s future, sustainability remains on the top of many people priorities. Gone are the days of the past ridiculed “tree hugging” trope. Now, even big name stars are taking initiative towards bettering our planet’s wellbeing. From Rhianna to SZA, the elites of entertainment

Gal Gadot Reveals How Princess Diana Inspired Her Performance as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman is iconic—and the actress recently revealed that her take on Diana Prince was actually inspired by Princess Diana. During an appearance at the virtual Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour Live! event, Gadot explained that an aha moment about Wonder Woman came to her while she

Is Virgin Media down? How to check the status in your area – The Sun

IF you're a Virgin Media customer who is affected by an internet, call, TV or mobile outage, we explain how to check your service status – and whether you're due compensation. Virgin Media has approximately 3.2million customers in the UK. But what happens if there are Virgin Media problems in

How to master the perfect picnic, according to an expert

Your book came out just before those in England were allowed to meet others for socialising outdoors — coincidence? In what way? So what should we be doing instead? What would be at your perfect picnic? What are your picnic-kit essentials? Park Life — three ways to pimp your picnic