I get up at 6am to make my hubby breakfast & clean, if women looked after their men like me they wouldn't get divorced

WAKING up at 6am, Bronte Rawlingson rushes to the kitchen to whip up her husband’s favourite breakfast before a day of cleaning and looking after their children. While the rest of the nation returns to their workplaces in droves, Bronte isn’t going anywhere. Dropping out of private school for love

I wish I tried for a pandemic baby last year, I'm bad cop at home, Greg backs down after 5 minutes, says Billie Faiers

THIS summer, Billie Faiers and her husband Greg Shepherd have been enjoying a slice of normal life as they managed to get away with friends and family to Greece.  It’s given The Mummy Diaries star time to relax and reflect after what she says has been a “roller coaster year”.

I couldn't understand why people were staring at my shorts… & was mortified when I finally spotted awkward design flaw

IN our never-ending quest to replicate everything the Kardashians have ever worn, we've bought into the cycling short trend in a BIG way. But while our beige-coloured pair were by far our favourite, TikToker Madison Hildreth is making us want to swear them off forever. Earlier this year, the personal

Demi Lovato: I Might Identify as Trans One Day

Recently, beloved singer and actor Demi Lovato spoke about how dumping their ex helped them to blossom as a person. Since then, they have publicly come out as nonbinary, shared the story of their past overdose, and felt more comfortable in their own skin. Demi has acknowledged that they are

I look older than my mum – boyfriends want to break up with me for her and all my crushes hit on her

FRESH-FACED Tiktok star Alyssa Kimber looks young and gorgeous – and yet she claims that her mother looks even more youthful, at 20 years older! On her page, the 26-year-old shares the trials and tribulations of having a mother who she feels her boyfriends want to leave her for and

I spent £36k on my wedding after lying 'Prince Charming' surgeon said the Pope would marry us – he had a secret family

A BLONDE wig atop her head, Emmy award-winning journalist Benita Alexander ‘wailed’ in the car parked near a house in the hills on the outskirts of Barcelona.  Nearby, her friends who had travelled with her from New York to Spain spoke to the distinguished looking gentleman in a doorway. As

I was told I'd never be a mum – now I’m a mother of ten under 13 and I’ve been pregnant for the last 14 years

MANY women dream of becoming a mum, but that dream was almost taken from one woman who thought she'd never be able to start a family. But now, Satu Nordling Gonzalez, from Sweden, is a proud mum of ten having spent the last 14 years of her life pregnant. The

How I Lost 60 Pounds and Transformed My Body in 6 Months

Andy Orme, 34, shares with Men’s Health the changes he made to his diet and lifestyle that led to him burning fat and building muscle. From my early teens into my twenties, I was super active and participated in numerous sports at least three or four times a week, and

Can I travel to Greece and islands Mykonos and Santorini? UK amber list rules and quarantine restrictions

BRITS who have been fully vaccinated can now travel to amber list destinations without having to quarantine on their return. But with Greek Islands following different rules, here is what you need to know if you're thinking of jetting off to Mykonos or Santorini. Can I go on holiday to