Australia urged to keep south-east Asia onside while building new alliances

While Australia pursues a “forever partnership” to build nuclear-powered submarines with its traditional allies, a bipartisan parliamentary inquiry has urged the government to deepen its diplomatic engagement in south-east Asia to navigate the growing tensions between the United States and China. In the face of Beijing’s growing aggression in the

Educators want plan to keep schools open, including ventilation and testing

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Education experts want a national plan for ventilating schools and testing teachers as communities learn to live with the coronavirus, with doctors backing calls for teachers to be vaccinated as a priority. Australian Medical Association president Dr Omar Khorshid said if

Keep fit and healthy with new waters that contain fruit and vitamins

MOST of us know we should drink plenty of water and get nutrients from our diet. Now there are new waters out that contain fruit and vitamins. We try them out and our Beauty Editor puts liquid blushers to the test. HEALTH with Jane Atkinson FRUIT Feel Good Drinks, RRP

Guys Keep Sharing Photos of Their Dad Bods With Will Smith

Like millions of other people, Will Smith is on a mission to get back in shape in time for summer. Earlier this week, the Fresh Prince and Bad Boys actor, 52, declared that he’s in the “worst shape of my life,” and will be embarking on a 12-week fitness transformation

Man shares easy tips to keep your home warm WITHOUT turning up the heating – and they're all completely FREE

WITH the temperature set to plummet over the next few days, chances are you'll be tempted to turn up the heating to keep warm. But rather than spend the money, a savvy man shares some easy tips to keep your house warm, and they're all completely free. Posting on TikTok,

Woman shares easy hack to keep bread sealed and fresh on TikTok

A woman has shared an easy storage hack to keep bread fresh and sealed tight. Many people use clips or twist ties to seal up the bag their bread comes in, but this trick eliminates the need for any extra tools. Emily Arnold, who posts under the username emilyyyarn, shared

How to keep your houseplants happy during the autumn months

As autumn arrives and the number of daylight hours decreases, it’s time to mix up your plant care routine to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy throughout the darker months. It’s safe to say that autumn has well and truly arrived in the UK. Forget the warm, sunny days of

Megyn Kelly knows how to keep Trump from interrupting

Journalist Megyn Kelly joined the long list of viewers who voiced their deep disappointment with the first presidential debate of 2020 between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on September 29. “What a $&@%show. Biggest loser of this debate: us!” she tweeted. Like many others, Kelly was fed up

How to Keep Your False Eyelashes Clean

We know it’s tempting to peel off your falsies, toss them on the edge of your sink, and forget about them until the next morning. But as anyone who uses their eyelashes more than once can tell you, faux lash care is a process—and it should be, since it’s one