Jennifer Lopez Spotted Leaving Miami Wearing What Appears to Be Ben Affleck’s Shirt

The red-and-black flannel shirt that the ‘On the Floor’ hitmaker wears seems to be the same shirt that the ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ actor sported in May. AceShowbiz –Jennifer Lopez is giving more signs that she might have rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck. While jetting off to Los Angeles

Why you should never leave anything in your baby's cot at night

Horrifying video showing a baby pull a blanket over its face and struggling to get it off acts as dire warning to parents never to leave anything loose in their children’s cot at night Heart-stopping clip was shared to the TikTok account Safe Sleep for Babies Claims to show footage

Expert reveals you can leave your wet clothes in the washing machine for much longer than you'd think

WAITING for your washing machine to finish so you can immediately hang your clothes out to dry is the bane of many people's lives. But it has been confirmed that we needn't be in so much of a rush to avoid that unpleasant smell. An expert from the Whirlpool Institute

Cat refused to leave best friend's side after he was hit by a car

One-year-old stray cat Abigail was often seen strolling around Wembley with another cat by her side. She and the male cat were clearly closely bonded, spending loads of their time together and looking to each other for comfort as they navigated the mean streets without care. Then tragedy struck. Abigail’s

Artists to leave lasting impression as Hyde Park Barracks opens

The newly revamped Hyde Park Barracks opens its doors on Friday as a part of the Art & About program, a project more than three years in the making. The sensory smorgasbord combines Aboriginal and colonial stories to create one of the more interesting installations Sydney has seen in recent

Why you should be using leave-in conditioner

Face masks, hair masks, purple shampoo, hair oil, hair milk, toner, retinol, serum, exfoliant, cleanser — it’s hard to keep up. Every year we get sucked into the next best thing in beauty and every year we’re left slightly disappointed. But while leave-in conditioner might not technically be new, according