Devastated dad who lost his wife to cancer shares heartbreak as son, 16, also dies from the disease

A DAD-OF-FOUR who lost his wife to cancer has shared his heartbreak after revealing his 16-year-old son also died from the disease. David Winterbottom, 48, from Sheffield, lost his wife Kirsty to melanoma when she was just 30 years old. The couple's son Reece was diagnosed with a brain tumour

How I Lost 60 Pounds and Transformed My Body in 6 Months

Andy Orme, 34, shares with Men’s Health the changes he made to his diet and lifestyle that led to him burning fat and building muscle. From my early teens into my twenties, I was super active and participated in numerous sports at least three or four times a week, and

This Friends Star Lost The Tip Of His Finger In A Childhood Accident

“Friends” fans know that the show was famous for its hilarious Thanksgiving episodes. While the gang was also seen celebrating other holidays such as Christmas and Halloween throughout the series, their Thanksgiving episodes were some of the best. In one fan-favorite holiday-themed episode, titled “The One With All The Thanksgivings,”

I lost half my body weight DURING pregnancy after morning sickness made me throw up 50 times a day

A MUM lost nearly half her body weight while she was pregnant – after extreme ‘morning sickness’ made her vomit more than 50 times a DAY. Michelle Stevens, 33, went down six dress sizes and lost 7st 10lb during a horror pregnancy with son Ollie. She suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum – the

Woman lost 13 stone after fearing not being able to fit in seats

Woman, 34, who couldn’t stand up to put on her socks or cross her legs at 23st shares incredible photo diary of her shrinking frame while losing more than half her body weight Carla FitzGerald, 34, from Dublin, dropped from 23st to 10st in past 14 months  Weight left her

A lost continent has just been discovered in Europe

Have you ever heard of Greater Adria? Chances are you haven’t. It is (or rather, was) a lost continent roughly the size of Greenland that has just been discovered in southern Europe. Evidence of its existence has just been released in the scientific journal Gondwana Research, which suggests that Adria

Woman nearly lost her finger when a little red bump turned into a flesh-rotting infection after a trip to the nail salon – The Sun

A WOMAN needed surgery and nearly lost her finger after a bad manicure saw her develop a terrible infection. She shared graphic photos of her finger, which turned black after a routine appointment for maintenance of her acrylic nails at a salon. The woman, from Australia, opted for a clear