Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman after insisting they dated

After claiming he dated Natalie Portman nearly 20 years ago and posting photos of them together after she denied it, musician Moby has offered the actress an apology. In an Instagram post on Saturday, Moby said he’s realized that some of the heat he’s received regarding his depiction of their

Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman for Then It Fell Apart excerpt

After taking time to consider “the criticisms leveled” against him, Moby is now apologizing for writing about an alleged relationship with Natalie Portman in his new book, Then It Fell Apart. Portman denied ever having a relationship with the musician and instead characterized their interactions as “a much older man being

Moby Publicly Apologizes to Natalie Portman – Read His Statement

Moby is speaking out with a public apology to Natalie Portman. The 53-year-old singer wrote about his relationship with the actress in his new memoir and he is apologizing for not telling her beforehand. Natalie released a statement in which she said they never actually dated and she thought he