Rare moment Kate Middleton 'rolled her eyes' & lost composure after she was scolded at royal event

SHE may have had 10 years to adapt to life in the spotlight before marrying Prince William – but that doesn't mean Kate Middleton's transition from private citizen to Duchess was completely smooth-sailing. These days, we're pretty used to seeing the mum-of-three looked poised and polished at every royal event.

Camila Cabello Shares Moment She Checked Herself from Obsessing Over Body Imperfections

“I reminded myself, being at war with your body is so last season.” Camila Cabello is hoping to make embracing your natural body, complete with “curves and cellulite and stretch marks and fat” a trend. It’s “own that, girl!” summer. The singer jumped on TikTok to share a moment when

An Iconic Thanos Moment Takes on New Meaning After Loki<\/em>

We knew that Marvel Phase 4 would see the movies and TV shows interconnect more than ever before in the MCU, leading us to search for every clue that the multiverse was coming in the future. What we didn’t expect is that the events of the TV shows would make

The Adorable Moment That Stole The Oscars Red Carpet

Alan S. Kim is one of Oscar night’s biggest stars to watch. The young boy at the center of “Minari” is now 9 years old and coming into his own as an actor. He earned rave reviews for his portrayal of a young David Yi in the film that follows

Skin-crawling moment a mum runs a comb through a girl’s hair and discovers an insane lice infestation

WE all remember having headlice as kids, while parents undoubtedly have a lice comb handy to check their kids’ hair at any given moment.  And you’ll be running to the bathroom to grab it after a mum revealed what can happen if you don’t regularly check children’s hair.  The mum,

Shocking moment triplets are pinned underneath a bedroom cabinet

Horrifying moment triplets are pinned under a bedroom cabinet after climbing on top of it while playing Two-year-old triplets climbed on the front of a cabinet, causing it to fall on them Two of the siblings became trapped and struggled to free themselves Roxanne, of Illinois, rushed in moments later

My lightbulb moment: Valerie Obaze reveals inspiration behind brand

My lightbulb moment: Beauty innovator Valerie Obaze reveals the inspiration behind her skincare brand Valerie Obaze, 40, founded beauty brand R&R Luxury in 2010 Lives between London and Accra, in Ghana, with husband and three children None of regular baby oils or creams agreed with her but shea oil was

Inside the Moment Tyra Banks Confronted Naomi Campbell About Their Feud on National Television

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell didn’t get off to the best start when they first met back in the ’90s. When Banks entered the modeling industry as a young teen, she expected Campbell to welcome her with open arms — especially since they were the only Black supermodels at the

The moment Michael Leunig missed

It was the moment in the local park that Leunig missed. A small boy was becalmed on the swing, strapped in by the safety chain, gaze downcast. His father sat on the bench nearby, slumped over his smartphone screen. (Or was he slouched? What is the right word for that

Heartwarming moment elephant is rescued from 20-foot well

Pictures have surfaced of rescuers coming to the aid of an elephant after it fell down a 20-foot well in an Indian jungle. The rescuers were able to use a crane to get the massive mammal out of the well and onto the back of the truck before being released