Seth Rogen, Steve Martin, more react to the death of Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald, one of the most beloved cast members of “Saturday Night Live” in the ’90s, passed away on Sept. 14 after a secret battle with cancer. Deadline reported that Norm privately fought cancer for nine years. Norm, who often thrilled his fans with his dry wit and deadpan delivery,

Jensen McRae Is More Than a Viral Moment

Back in January, all eyes were on Jensen McRae. After jokingly tweeting a description of a future Phoebe Bridgers song and later posting a “preemptive cover” of what she envisioned, the folk-pop artist daydreamed about what life could look like in a post-vaccination world. Instantly, McRae went viral, and the

Sideswipe: June 24: ‘A few more months and they won’t see us’

Untraceable acts of revenge “There was a girl at my school who mercilessly bullied for months,” writes a Mumsnet user. “A friend her brought an unpicking tool on PE day and, while the bully was doing PE, she opened the crotch seam in the bully’s school trousers, folded them back

Blinding Lights and more hits the Grammys left in the dark

The wattage in The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights wasn’t strong enough to compete at the Grammys – but the song isn’t the only electrifying No. 1 hit that the Recording Academy snubbed. The Weeknd joins an exclusive club of songs that were crowned biggest hit of the year by Billboard but

Gigi Hadid and More Stars Pay Tribute to Their Loves With Their Bling

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve — wear it around your neck! Or better, on your jewelry. Take Gigi Hadid, for example. When the supermodel and her boyfriend Zayn Malik split, they but kept the rumor mill stirring by continuing to appear on each other’s social media and make

More than two million holidaymakers out of pocket over flights they could not take due to Covid rules

MORE than two million holidaymakers are out of pocket over flights they could not take. They were unable to fly due to Covid rules but flights were not cancelled. 🦠 Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates… As a result they were not entitled to a

Chris Pratt and More Stars Who Used to Be Boy Scouts

A Scout for life! National Boy Scouts Day is honored annually on February 8 — and you may be surprised to learn which of your favorite stars used to be troop members. Celebrated actor Jack Black opened up about his Boy Scouts past during a 2017 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Mum-of-five who spends more on food than mortgage shows off packed trolley & jokes she ‘should have stopped at three’

WHEN you've got a family to feed and a strict budget to stick to, supermarket trips can resemble a military operation – but that doesn't mean we always stick to our shopping list. One mum who knows a little something about this is Jade Kearney. Earlier this week, the Queensland

Kate Middleton calls for more support for kids as she warns addiction & mental health issues stem from tough childhoods

KATE Middleton has warned of terrible addiction and “poor mental health” issues that can often be grounded in difficult childhoods.  The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, has called for more support for kids, as she unveiled the findings of the biggest ever UK study on the early years.  More than half