I'm a petite teen mum & my 14-month-old is already wearing clothes for three-year-olds- trolls accuse me of child abuse

WHILE she was expecting her daughter, teen mum Kayla says her petite frame hardly changed at all. So naturally, the 18-year-old thought it safe to assume that her little girl would inherit her slim genes. When she gave birth in 2020, Kayla's daughter weighed 7lbs 5.5oz – which is a

Mum who had seven miscarriages breaks down in tears after kind bloke finds heartbroken note she wrote to her lost babies

A mum who suffered seven miscarriages in the last two years was "blown away" after her personalised tribute balloons were found 75 miles away from her home in an Essex field. Kay Green, 24, from Surrey, received a Facebook message telling her that her large confetti balloon was found in

Terrified mum convinced stranger is living in her attic after finding tinned food & seeing figure walk past baby's cot

A TERRIFIED mum is convinced there’s someone living in her attic after she saw a figure walk past her daughter’s crib – she says she’s moving house and buying a gun. Mum Laura shared the scary footage and thousands agreed there was someone in her daughter’s bedroom. It wasn’t until

Mum fuming on 30th wedding anniversary after realising husband has taped over wedding video with police show

A MUM was given a shock on her 30th wedding anniversary after realising her husband had taped over their wedding video with a police show. A video of the awkward moment was shared on TikTok showing footage of the bride and groom immediately cutting to a police chase scene. TikTok

Mum sparks outrage after making her 17-year-old daughter write a 'list of her flaws' as punishment

A MUM has sparked outrage after admitting that she punished her 17-year-old daughter by making her write a list of "her flaws". The frustrated parent said things have been "tense at home" with her "rebellious" teenage daughter, so she finally decided to act. The 42-year-old woman said her daughter tries

Mum transformers her dog-chewed dining chairs using £22 eBay bargains after being quoted £600 to have them reupholstered

35-YEAR-OLD Sophie Mallon from Manchester saved nearly £600 on having to reupholster her leather dining chairs with this hidden DIY secret. A NEWBIE to the DIY world, Sophie received old dining chairs and gave them a new lease of life with this one little trick. Sophie commented, “Reupholstering chairs costs

Mum mortified after PLT onesie is so small it shows her boobs – she reckons her sons would disown her if she wore it

A MUM who snapped up a onesie from PrettyLittleThing claims her teenage sons would 'disown her' if she wore it – as hilarious photos show how she discovered the skintight outfit exposes her BARE BOOBS. Lindsey Smith ordered the £17 size 10 grey onesie as a treat to snuggle up

My toxic mum did a secret DNA test on my baby – she thought my wife had been sleeping around

A NEW mum was left horrified after her nightmare mother-in-law did a secret DNA test on her newborn baby. Her husband shared the story on Reddit, revealing that his parents disliked his wife so much they were convinced she was unfaithful – leaving him fuming. He wrote: "I met my

Mum with 'ugliest house on the street' reveals amazing transformation & people think she built a new one

A MUM has shared her painstaking house renovation, and it looks so good people have asked whether she knocked it down and bought a new one.  Joanne Lewis from Kent said she once owned the ‘ugliest house on the street’, but after three years and a few extensions, she’s turned