The Real Reason You Need To Change The Way You Talk About Food

We’ve all heard of “body shaming” or “fat shaming” (although “thin shaming” is a thing, too), which is what happens when people are openly critical of other peoples’ – or, at times, even their own – shape and size. Yes, it’s a bad thing, but the issue is a bit

What You Need To Know About Malört

Chicago is nothing if not unique — long known as America’s “Second City” (behind NYC, one presumes — although arguably it could have long since been demoted to “Third City” behind LA), it also claims the shores of Lake Michigan as the Third Coast. To Chicago do we owe such

What You Need To Know Before Eating Nutritional Yeast

You probably know that yeast helps bread rise and ferment grains to make beer. You may have heard of nutritional yeast, sometimes called vegan cheese, but you might not know what it is and how you could add it to your diet as a seasoning that packs a nutritional punch

You may need a vaccine passport to travel freely in Europe as host of countries back plan

NEXT time you head on holiday abroad, you may need two passports with you as a number of European countries are considering vaccine passports to allow free travel. Spain, Greece and Brussels are just some of the destinations which support vaccine passports from travellers to allow them to visit the

All you need to know about bleeding radiators

The last thing you need during this cold winter is for your heating break – especially if you are working from home. Having a heating repairman come over can be very expensive, and put a lot of strain on an already stretched post-Christmas budget. If you’re struggling to keep your

No need for tougher rules for returned travellers after Australia records two cases of new virus strain

A new, potentially highly transmissible strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is cause for concern, experts say and will likely spread around the globe with two cases in hotel quarantine already detected in NSW. But Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, who was appointed to the role on Monday, said there

What you need to know before putting chicken wings in an air fryer

Hot, crispy and juicy chicken wings are what we all strive for when making this football-night staple. And if you’re looking for better ways to create this flavorful treat, we have the answer. Luckily for us, air fryers have revolutionized the way we cook. Not only does it make delicious

Let’s Stop Pretending We Need New Clothes Every Season

How going seasonless could save money, save fashion, and also kind of save the world. By Alyssa Hardy As we approach what is usually a thriving Fashion Month full of runway shows and street style, many of the biggest brands like Michael Kors and Saint Laurent have removed themselves from

If You Need More Peace In Your Life, Watch THIS!

Mia sings a song she claims she learned in school about peace. ???? Enjoy! Have you ordered Perez new memoir yet? CLICK HERE to get your copies or directly at   Related Posts Source: Read Full Article

We Need Devon Windsor's Trendy Tie-Dye Bikini

No one does a #bikinigram quite like a Victoria’s Secret model. To prove it, Us Weekly’s Stylish has rounded up some of the world-famous supermodels’ hottest swimwear moments from social media. Whitney Fransway and More Bachelor Nation Stars Slay in Itty-Bitty Bikinis Unsurprisingly, the models are just as good at