Pink Shows Off Her Hair After Drunkenly Cutting It the Night Before: Watch

Uh oh! Pink just did something Kelly Ripa warned Us about. On Wednesday, March 24, the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer posted a video to her Instagram feed that she captioned, “Hair cuts and drinking Quarantine diaries.” See How the Stars Do At-Home Style During the Coronavirus Outbreak “This

Pink grasshopper, unusual and ‘extremely rare,’ spotted in UK garden

A British woman recently came across a colorful and not commonly seen insect while gardening: A pink grasshopper. Kate Culley, 41, told SWNS she was helping in her grandmother’s garden in Gloucestershire — a county in southwest England — when she spotted the grasshopper. Though the vibrant insect was quick

Magners is launching a PINK cider that's the colour of roses

CIDER fans need to listen up as Magners is launching a rosé cider this summer inspired by the popularity of pink gin and rosé wine. The blush-coloured booze, which reminds us of pink rose petals, is made from 17 different types of apple, including red apples. Magners reckons rosé cider

You Can Get Pastel Pink ROSÉ BERRIES At The Grocery Store Now

You hear that? That’s the sound of your beloved cotton candy grapes shaking. The sound of the iconic "Grapple" getting knocked out of its stool in the spotlight. The sound of every fruit in the produce aisle weeping, knowing that they will never amount to the glory of rose strawberries