Fatal Shooting of Hispanic Man in Texas Caught on Video

There was another fatal police shooting of another person of color … this time in Cypress, Texas. This video, which has not been seen and was shot March 17, picks up near a gas station, as 3 cops hover over a Hispanic man they are trying to subdue. One of

How the Royals Are Coping With Prince Charles' Coronavirus Diagnosis

The Royal Family may be a tight-knit clan, but with Prince Charles contracting the coronavirus, they’re keeping their distance. On Wednesday afternoon, Clarence House revealed the Prince of Wales tested positive for the novel COVID-19 after exhibiting “mild symptoms” in recent days. While the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla is in

Inside Prince Charles' Complex Relationship With…Everyone

Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images Is Operation Golden Orb in doubt? It is no secret that many citizens of the United Kingdom aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea of Prince Charlesbecoming king one day, believing instead—much like disgruntled people all over the world with respect to their leaders—that younger, fresher