Prostate cancer could be cured in one week thanks to incredible new treatment

Prostate cancer patients could be cured in as little as a week with new high-dose targeted radiotherapy. In trials, tumours were wiped out within days with treatment times slashed from the standard one to two months. The breakthrough could save the NHS millions. It comes after Sir Rod Stewart revealed

Grandad told he had terminal cancer for 20 years without realising

A grandad was told he had terminal cancer – having lived with it for 20 years without knowing. Andrew Hardy from St Ann's in Nottinghamshire was diagnosed terminal prostrate cancer, known as "the silent killer" two years ago, Nottinghamshire Live reported. The 63-year-old was told by doctors the cancer had

Excess Body Fat Tied to Fatal Prostate Cancers

Many studies have found that obesity is associated with an increased risk for prostate cancer. Now a new study suggests that the degree of risk may depend on where in the body the fat is. The report, in the journal Cancer, included 1,832 Icelandic men. All underwent CT scans to