'Nuffing season' is the new dating trend that says no to rushing into commitment

Around this time of year, many daters subscribe to the concept of ‘cuffing season’ – the idea that for the winter months you should fall head-first into a serious relationship. You’re ‘cuffed’ to someone for the cold season. Conveniently, many of these relationships break down for the summer, which is

How to know if your empathy is harming you in a relationship

Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else – is a wonderful skill to have. It can make you an emotionally safe partner to be around, but without boundaries it can leave you vulnerable to the common hallmarks of an unhealthy relationship – such as

Common warning signs of narcissistic abuse in a relationship

Do you know the signs of narcissistic abuse? Abuse doesn’t only look like physical violence – it can take far more insidious forms, which can be much harder to spot. That’s why awareness is crucial. We need to ensure we know the signs of types of abuse that aren’t so

“Dear Black women, love exists for us too and I can prove it”

Written by Lisa Bent Author Lisa Bent on her search for love, via several dating apps, and how being single inspired her new book Symona’s Still Single.  My dating life has been like a dripping tap without rhythm or constant flow.  I’ve always written and shared my thoughts and opinion on

Glacial Relationships Are Frozen In Place, Thanks To COVID-19

Separation, stress, and uncertainty are just the tip of the iceberg. Emily, 26, says her relationship started as a whirlwind, in the best way possible. After meeting her boyfriend at the end of 2019, the two constantly went out to dinners, attended comedy shows, and met friends for happy hour.

What’s the secret to a successful relationship? Scientists finally have an answer

Don’t while away the hours on all those personality quizzes and horoscope compatibility tests. According to a landmark new study, the secret to a happy relationship could be a lot more straightforward. When it comes to searching for a potential new partner, chances are many of us would place quite

Dear Coleen: My ex told me he’s getting married and I broke down

Dear Coleen My ex-husband got in touch recently to say he’s getting married again, which unexpectedly sent me into floods of tears. We divorced four years ago – so we’ve been apart some time – and I was confused by my reaction. Unlike my ex, I haven’t moved on with

Man explains why he cheats on clueless wife – and how it makes marriage stronger

A married father-of-two has revealed why he repeatedly cheats on his unsuspecting wife – and how it makes their marriage 'stronger'. Josh, who asked Mirror.co.uk not to publish his surname, has been married for eight years but has had affairs or 'sexual experiences' with around six women over the last