I'm lucky to have sex with my girlfriend every three months

DEAR DEIDRE: I DON’T know how to save my sex life. I’m 56, my girlfriend is 52 and we’ve been together for ten years. We used to have very good and regular sex. For more advice from Dear Deidre No issue is too small, too large or too embarrassing. Read

Summer sparks boom in used bikini requests on underwear selling site

Selling used underwear can be a lucrative business, with the internet allowing you to match up with panty fanatics who want to buy. Income can vary, but it’s possible to make thousands from simply wearing underwear and sending it off without washing. One thing a number of people in this

Student sex workers need to be supported – not ignored

Sex work doesn’t have to be isolating, and it doesn’t need to be stigmatised. The sex work community is vibrant and made up of so many wonderful people, yet some of them feel ashamed for doing something which is – to put it simply – a job.  I was a

6 Oral Sex Positions to Boost Intimacy and Pleasure

Hot vax summer is here — so what better time to get more creative as we get back to getting it on? Sure, the same old vanilla sex positions are a great fall-back, but we'd argue this sultry season is the perfect moment to switch up how you're giving and

Sexpert claims most men don’t know how to please a woman sexually – and it’s bad news if you think she’s boring in bed

SEXPERT Nadia Bokody has had plenty of experience working with and speaking to people who have had disappointing sexual encounters. The Australian journalist explained that there is a big difference between a "bad" sexual encounter for a man and for a woman. Writing for News.com.au she explained that when men

21 TV Affairs That Remind Us Just How Hot Forbidden Love Can Be

Let’s talk affairs on TV. Sometimes, our favorite characters find themselves in a messy, dramatic relationship that has so many flaws — and sometimes, it’s just downright delicious. We probably wouldn’t want to find ourselves in that position in real life, but watching it on TV is a total fantasy,

Five ways to have the best sex of your life… and why your SCALP is the key to your pleasure

WE’VE all seen that famous Friends episode, the one with the erogenous zones. Well, according to Monica Gellar, when it comes to female sexuality there are seven of them to consider. You’ll probably be familiar with most of them, but what happens when you step out of that familiar zone