Woman shares easy way to hide ‘back fat’ when wearing backless dresses – you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before

A WOMAN has shared the genius way she hides "back fat" while wearing backless dresses. But it's important to remember that there's absolutely nothing wrong with not doing anything to hide it either – it's simply about what makes you feel comfortable and confident in your body. Taking to TikTok,

Woman shares date's wild rant about her calling herself a 'dog mom'

Barking up the wrong tree! Woman shares the ‘unhinged’ text messages she received from a date who took issue with her calling herself a ‘dog mom’ and ranted that ‘society is a joke’ TikToker Kristen Beatty, 32, from New Jersey, shared her wild story in her series of ‘Maybe: Brad’

Lance Bass Shares First Photos Of Baby Twins & Reveals He ‘Hasn’t Slept: ‘Never Been So Happy’

Lance Bass has shared the first snap of his newborn twins’ adorable faces. See the pics of Violet Betty and Alexander James! Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin were all smiles when the former boy band member posted the first pic of their babies’ faces. He gave fans their first glimpse of twins Violet

HELENA MORRISSEY shares tips for juggling the nursery and boardroom

Want to get ahead? Be a first-class woman, not a second-class man! In the second part of a special Mail series, City superwoman (and mum of 9) HELENA MORRISSEY shares her tips for juggling the nursery and the boardroom… and how to manage the menopause Helena Morrisey spent three decades

Mum-of-four shares the baby sleeping tip she wishes she'd known sooner – and you’ll kick yourself for not knowing

MANY new mums would agree that the hardest part about being a mum to a newborm is the stop-start sleeping schedule. But one mum, now doing it for the fourth time round, has finally found a useful tip – and she certainly wish she'd known it sooner. Mum-of-four Chrissy Horton

Khloe Kardashian shares going ‘offline’ gives her ‘peace of mind’ after rant over Tristan Thompson reconciliation rumors

KHLOE Kardashian shared a post in her Instagram stories about how going "offline" gives her "peace of mind." The mom recently went on a Twitter rant over rumors she reconciled with Tristan Thompson.  Follow our Keeping Up With The Kardashians live blog for full details of what to expect from

A Teen Shares Her Thoughts On In-Person Classes During The Pandemic

In this Keeping It Z column piece, writer Payton Wilson talks about learning in-person in Texas. As a high school senior in Richmond, Texas, my concern about heading back to school has heightened, considering Texas governor Greg Abbott’s position that Texas schools don’t need masks or social distancing mandates. And I’m not alone—other students

Crisis Expert Shares What Stepping Down From Jeopardy! Means For Mike Richards’ Career- Exclusive

The future of the classic trivia show “Jeopardy!” has been quite unknown since long-time host Alex Trebek died last year. The road to finding Trebek’s placement has been long and rocky, with an array of celebrities — including the likes of Ken Jennings, Aaron Rodgers, Anderson Cooper, and Savannah Guthrie