Woman says she saves £80 a month by batch-cooking all her meals

Here’s another nudge to try batch-cooking. Shannon Bannon, 25, says prepping all her meals has saved her £80 a month on her food shop and helped her to eat more healthily. The housewife from Catterick, North Yorkshire, decided to start meal prepping when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. She

This Youtuber Pretended She Was on a Luxury Vacation in Bali, but She Was Actually Filming in Ikea

There’s a reason beyond the affordable everyday low-prices that draw us to Ikea. The Swedish retailer is like the Epcot of furniture stores. On a visit to the immersive store, a whole day can easily go by before you realize it. An on-site restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If

Cleaner reveals how she got her kitchen floor sparkling using a £5 fabric stain remover

A MUM has revealed how she got her floors sparkling clean using a stain remover intended for clothes. Taking to the Facebook group, Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise the Australian woman shared the astonishing before and after snaps of kitchen floor after using Vanish Gold. Before using the product

Mum of 11 kids reveals she is desperate to have a 12th baby, despite squeezing her brood into a snug four-bed house

A MUM of 11 kids has revealed she is desperate to now have a 12th baby, despite squeezing her brood into a snug four-bedroom home.  Zoe Sullivan, 41, and husband Ben, 44, have 11 kids under the age of 15, but have no plans to stop any time soon. In

Rose Astor reveals why she 'mocked' Megxit in social media

‘MailOnline readers are really MEAN’: One of Britain’s best-connected women Rose Astor moans about being mocked online Rose Astor, 40, is the wife of Hugh van Cutsem, a friend of William and Harry She called MailOnline readers ‘really mean’ in an interview published today She was speaking about the social media

Renée Zellweger Is Worried She'll Geek Out at the Oscars

Who would ever think of Renée Zellweger as a geek? Well, the actress herself, it turns out. She said as much on an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which she also revealed she is so practical she drives herself to the airport (“Doesn’t everybody?” she asked) and has some

Teresa Giudice: Did She Sign a Prenup or What?!?

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are on the verge of divorce. This was made clear late last month when numerous outlets confirmed the married couple has separated. But it was also evident a long time before that, when the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was

Paris Hilton Reveals She Owns Over 100 Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Paris Hilton is an unofficial ambassador of Juicy Couture, having proudly donned the designer velour tracksuits since the early aughts. Today, she continues to sport the comfy-cozy style thanks to the impressive collection she’s acquired over the years. Celebs Wearing Sweats in Public: See the Stars Looking Comfy-Cozy in Casual