Michelle Addresses Rumor She Was Dating Someone Before ‘The Bachelorette’

Setting the record straight. Michelle Young got real about her pre-show relationships during the Tuesday, October 26, episode of The Bachelorette. Michelle’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season: Everything to Know For her first group date, Michelle invited fifth graders to quiz her contestants on math, chemistry and more. Peter tried to be the

Demonologist claims she learned to fight demons in her 'past lives'

Greggs worker turned demonologist baffles This Morning viewers by claiming she learned how to cast out bad spirits during her satanic ‘past lives’ and opens the gates of hell ‘5 to 6 times a day’ Kelly Angel, from is a demonologist who clears people’s house from bad spirits Former Greggs

Mila Kunis INSISTS She Showers 'Every Day' & Reveals Why Her Kids Don’t After Bathing Controversy

Mila Kunis is in hot water again (well, figuratively speaking, of course)! The actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to clear the air on this summer’s bathing debate — in which she and her husband Ashton Kutcher, along with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, admitted they

Mum who thought she was getting 'FREE' McDonald’s for a year discovers they’d been billed to her bro & she owes him £200

A MUM was mortified to discover the McDonald's takeaways she'd not been charged for all year were accidentally being billed to her brother – and now she owes him more than £200. Nicole Clark revealed to her family two weeks ago that 'no wonder she wasn't being charged' for her

Mum-to-be reveals she fell pregnant while already expecting – and is now having TRIPLETS ‘conceived 10 days apart’

A MUM-to-be is expecting triplets after getting pregnant – while already pregnant with twins.  The woman, from the US, fell pregnant with twins naturally, and she and her fiancé were overjoyed with the news.  The mum, who admitted this is her first pregnancy, was stunned when doctors later told her

Sharon Stone claims she’s ‘being threatened’ after set vaccination request

More On: sharon stone ‘Basic Instinct’ director: Sharon Stone wasn’t tricked into nude scene Sharon Stone speaks out about the release of ‘XXX’ ‘Basic Instinct’ cut Sharon Stone reveals child sex abuse, horrific stroke in new memoir Sharon Stone had a ‘wonderful’ time working with Woody Allen Sharon Stone said

Wife on Mars: Woman claims she’s dating an alien, fed up with Earthmen

More On: aliens Close Encounters? Lawmakers say UFOs could pose national security threat Repent! Alien contact could ‘end life on Earth,’ scientists warn NASA’s new boss: We’ll start investigating UFOs now Bombshell UFO report reveals government cannot explain aerial phenomena She’s hot for a sextra-terrestrial encounter. In a scenario too

Jojo Siwa says she won’t be forced to kiss man in movie ‘Bounce’

More On: lgbtq Cuomo’s youngest daughter identifies as queer in Instagram post Chlorine ‘Karens’: Women ‘shamed’ for confronting kissing female couple at hotel pool More than 100 LGBTQ candidates compete in Mexican election Ricky Martin says awkward interview with Barbara Walters left him with PTSD Jojo Siwa got her way.

How to Rearrange Your Post-Pandemic ‘Friendscape’

Any traumatic experience — like a breakup, health scare, death in the family or financial crisis — has a way of destabilizing social networks. We instinctively gravitate toward those who provide comfort and support and reflexively withdraw from those who drain and drag us down. It was no different at

Woman reveals how she saved £16,000 while travelling the world and staying at luxury properties

AN Australian woman revealed how she managed to save £16,000 while travelling the world. Madolline Gourley, who normally works as a government contractor in Brisbane, said that she saved the huge amount – by babysitting CATS. The 31-year-old said that she realised she could save huge amounts on accommodation and