Lack of sleep nearly DOUBLES risk of sex-related problems in women, study warns

A LACK of sleep nearly doubles the risk of sex-related problems in women, experts have warned. If you're consistently failing to get enough sleep then it could impact how much satisfaction you're getting between the sheets. A new study, published in Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society

Expert reveals why your sleep personality causes you to put on weight

Are you a dolphin, bear, wolf or lion? Expert reveals why your sleep ‘personality’ is making you ‘fat’ – and what to do about it Olivia Arezzolo revealed how your sleep personality causes you to put on weight Olivia said there are four different types including Bear, Wolf, Lion and

7 Wonderful Non-Covid Things We Learned in 2020

What a year! Yes, it was terrible and awful and no one felt good about it, but on the other hand, time is a human invention and everything bad about 2020 will continue straight into 2021, because the end-and-begin points of a new year are arbitrary and meaningless. So, um,

12 Tips To Sleep Better During Quarantine

Snooze city, population you. "It’s no wonder people suffer from poor sleep during lockdown," Dr. Lina Velikova M.D. tells Bustle. "Isolation, uncertainty, and anxiety can trigger greater irritability, decrease our concentration, and make us tired." Here’s how 12 women are trying to get better sleep. DaniloAndjus/E+/Getty Images 1. Read Before

These 5 minute life hacks are guaranteed to help you sleep

Written by Dr Rangan Chatterjee Need some help falling asleep? Here, Dr Rangan Chatterjee draws on his 20 years experience as a GP to offer three quick, five minute tips to help you drift off in the evenings and beat insomnia. Sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic levels.  Most people who