Will Popeyes Be Open On Thanksgiving? It Depends

If all you want for Thanksgiving dinner is some fried chicken (or a super popular chicken sandwich), you might just be wondering if Popeyes will be open on Thanksgiving. The famous Louisiana Kitchen doesn’t have set holiday hours for all of its restaurants, so it varies by location. Thankfully, it’s

If Your Partner Just Came Out As Non-Binary, Here’s How To Support Them

If you’re a cisgender person and your partner came out to you as non-binary, congrats. Coming out takes a lot of guts from your partner, but the way you’ve shown up in your relationship has let them know you’re a safe space. Maybe you’re cisgender and heterosexual, but you’ve always

Gabriella Brooks’ Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Stable & Sensual Partner

Gabriella Brooks might just be the perfect match for Luke Hemsworth. While the two haven’t officially confirmed their relationship status, they sure looked cozy in a family photo taken at Hemsworth’s brother Luke’s birthday party on November 7. (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for Liam and Gabriella for

Chamberlain Coffee’s Black Friday 2020 Sale Marks Down Your Fave Blends

Fans of coffee lover and social media star Emma Chamberlain likely have one question on their minds right now: Will Chamberlain Coffee have a Black Friday sale? The brand totally reinvented itself in September to feature playful colors and animals, along with new blends and cool accessories. Don’t fret, listeners

Is It Safe To Travel For Thanksgiving 2020? There Is A Lot To Consider

Thanksgiving is notorious for being one of the biggest travel holidays of the year. And while the travel itself might not always be the most enjoyable, one of the best parts of the holiday is seeing friends and family you don’t often get to spend time with. As you solidify