Celebrate International Tea Day with these tea-based cocktails

It’s International Tea Day, which means it’s time to get experimental with our favourite brews. For the most part, we as a nation like our cuppas with a dash of milk and a sugar or two (depending on how militant you are), but there are plenty of ways you can

The Best Teapot & Tea Infuser Sets for Pouring the Perfect Cup

Coffee may get many of us moving in the morning, but tea is what we turn to when we just want to cozy up with a hot cup of something soothing — whether we’re nursing a cold, our nerves are frazzled or we just need an afternoon break. (Add a scone

This Instagram-Famous Tea Company Is Having a Massive BOGO Sale

No matter how hard we try with dieting and exercise, sometimes it’s difficult to lose weight effectively. It’s a very common issue that so many of Us encounter — and it’s endlessly frustrating! When this happens, we like to turn to supplements to help aid in our overall health journey. It’s

Girl with constipation finds out she has 100 ‘bubble tea’ balls stuck in stomach

A teenage girl had more than 100 tiny "bubble tea" balls trapped in her stomach after downing too many cups of her favourite drink. The 14-year-old was dashed to hospital after suffering constipation and a bad appetite for five days. Scans found the patient, known by a pseudonym Xiao Shen, had failed