Will Smith reveals that he and Jada do NOT practice monogamy

‘Marriage for us can’t be a prison’: Will Smith reveals he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith do NOT practice monogamy… and once discussed wanting harem of girlfriends including Halle Berry and Misty Copeland Will Smith told US GQ in a Monday interview he does not practice monogamy  He and wife

10 Celebs That Earn Millions As Royalties

A lot of television shows go off-air after a few seasons, but some get to star in long-running shows that are adored by all. Celebs earn a lot of money while the show is in production, but if they make negotiations to earn backend royalties, they earn millions of dollars

And Just Like That! Bridget Moynahan Confirms ‘SATC’ Revival Return

And just like that! Bridget Moynahan confirms she will return for the upcoming Sex and the City revival on HBO Max. Everything to Know About the ‘Sex and the City’ Revival The Blue Bloods actress, 50, played Natasha, the second wife of Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who he cheated on

The Diet and Workout That Helped Me Lose Fat and Get Jacked in 9 Weeks

Carlos Ruiz, a 43-year-old martial arts instructor from Málaga, shares with Men’s Health how a transformation challenge helped him get into shape and feel like himself again. All my life I have dedicated myself to Kyokushin karate. I have been an international competitor for many years, training between 6 and

The Super Easy Ingredient That Kim Kardashian West Swears By To Boost Hair Growth

Kim Kardashian West knows a thing or two about beauty regimens: Per Shape, the star shared her routine on Instagram in March, which including an LED device and products from cult-fave brand Biologique Recherche. KKW loves the pricey-but-worth-it $90 Circcell Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Masks, and treats her psoriasis flare-ups

What's behind that shrinking feeling as we age?

What’s behind that shrinking feeling? As a landmark study finds it has a dramatic impact on health, here’s why so many women get smaller with age… and what to do about it  Swedish researchers found women are more likely to shrink than men and shed around half an inch per

The Lie That Helped Daniel Craig Get His Big Break

Did you know that even A-list actors exaggerate on their resumes to further their careers and book roles? That’s right: Stars, they’re just like us.  Many actors have opened up about being dishonest regarding their professional credentials in the past. And, presumably, there are even more stars who haven’t come

Revealed: The secrets that will let you find some peace in Greece

Forget the mayhem of Mykonos and the crowds of Santorini, we reveal the secrets that will let you find some perfect peace in Greece For some dramatic mountain and lake scenery, head to Epirus in northern Greece for a fly-drive holiday  Hit the Mount Pelion region, also in the north,

The Drugstore Lip Product That Emmy Rossum Swears By

It’s not uncommon to look to the stars faces for the latest beauty trends. After all, if something can hold up well enough for someone always being photographed, it will surely be good enough for our daily use. Emmy Rossum is a great example of someone who looks amazing while