Meet the single dad who sews stunning outfits for his daughter

When creative single dad Michael Gardner was let go from his job in March because of COVID-19, he found himself with plenty of time to bond with his daughter, Ava. So, in part to save money, but mostly to show his love for Ava, he vowed to craft her a

The eyes of evil made it tough to be a parent: STEPHEN WRIGHT

Staring into the eyes of evil made it tough to be a parent: No case has affected Mail crime writer STEPHEN WRIGHT as deeply as the trial of Rose West. Twenty five years on, he relives the horror that haunts him still Rose West was a sex-obsessed psychopath who murdered ten

Awards honour the best architecture, interiors and designs of 2020

Prestigious Dezeen Awards show off the world’s best architecture, interiors and designs – including magical treetop cycle path and a bar with its own insect collection The Dezeen Awards 2020 identifies the ‘most outstanding work’ in architecture, interiors and design  The winning buildings and design projects were picked by a

Five ways to have the best sex of your life… and why your SCALP is the key to your pleasure

WE’VE all seen that famous Friends episode, the one with the erogenous zones. Well, according to Monica Gellar, when it comes to female sexuality there are seven of them to consider. You’ll probably be familiar with most of them, but what happens when you step out of that familiar zone

The best light festivals around the world (for when we can travel again)

What could be more stunning than a light festival? Huddling up in the dark of night and appreciating the pure magic of lanterns and lights is a true joy. It’s not just your nearest Christmas lights on offer. All around the world there are different light festivals and colourful traditions

Expert reveals the best colour for each room in your house

Could a purple bedroom boost your sex life? Colour expert reveals the hues to pick for a happier home – including a yellow kitchen to ‘aid digestion’ and a black front door to ‘show authority’ UK’s leading colour therapist, Alison Standish, tells you which colours to pick  She says that

Who won the Jeezy vs Gucci Mane Verzuz battle?

Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Jeezy kicked off Season 2 of Verzuz with a rap battle that quickly got tense and heated. The duel, live-streamed on Thursday, November 19 on YouTube, Instagram Live, Apple Music app, and Spotify, drew at least 1.8 million viewers, according to CNN. It featured Gucci

The Surprising Platform Joe Biden Might Be Banned From

While we’ve all grown accustomed to the current president being regularly fact-checked by Twitter, it seems the president elect might be in hot water with another online platform: Animal Crossing: New Horizons (via CNN). According to the New York Post, Nintendo’s seasonal update has changed its policy to restrict political