Pancake Cereal Is a Thing of the Past Because People on TikTok Are Making Doughnut Cereal Now

Thanks to TikTok, extra time on our hands, and our collective love of making tiny foods, the internet has obsessed over cereal made of breakfast foods. First, there was pancake cereal, then there was waffle cereal, and, finally, there was cookie cereal (even though that’s just Cookie Crisp, people!). It

Too much of a good thing? Elisabeth Moss endures another on-screen trauma

Stars, male and female, come in different packages. There’s the glamorous kind such as Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lopez, who often have to fight for credibility — and there are those who make a principle of refusing glamour, so their popularity seems achieved against the grain. In the second category

The one thing Alex Trebek regrets about meeting his wife

Longtime Jeopardy! star Alex Trebek is not only a successful game show host and someone who’s bravely battling cancer, he’s also a happily married man. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have regrets when it comes to his marriage. Or to be more specific, he has one particular regret when

What WAS that thing on floor when Prince Charles hosted Trump for tea at Clarence House?

Something was slightly amiss when Prince Charles ushered President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump into his sitting room for tea at his London palace on Monday: Unsightly litter on the floor.  But hold the horrified gasps – and blame the media. A potential embarrassment was turned into a lighthearted moment