Too much of a good thing? Elisabeth Moss endures another on-screen trauma

Stars, male and female, come in different packages. There’s the glamorous kind such as Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lopez, who often have to fight for credibility — and there are those who make a principle of refusing glamour, so their popularity seems achieved against the grain. In the second category

Is the cinema too loud? Tell-tale signs you’re showing your age

Hugh Grant recently expressed his irritation with the volume levels in cinemas. "Am I old or is the cinema MUCH TOO LOUD?" he tweeted. You're very much not alone in finding the cinema horribly noisy, Hugh – never mind Joker, what about Batman?! – but we do feel duty bound

Jennifer Aniston finds too many new friends and breaks Instagram

Dress like your favorite ‘Friends’ character The line will be available at Bloomingdale’s in New York City on Sept. 21 and 22. The Instagram world now has another superstar to follow, as actress Jennifer Aniston inaugurated her account with a picture she took with her famous castmates from the show

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: I too bear the emotional scars of a car crash

PLATELL’S PEOPLE: I too bear the emotional scars of a car crash – and a crime that was left unpunished My mum got the phone call every parent dreads. It was a policeman, telling her that her oldest child, Michael, and I had been involved in a serious car crash.