Fishing by Lantern on an Island in Kenya

As the sun sets over the waters of Kenya’s Lake Victoria, the soft sound of the lapping waves is drowned out by the hum of motors. Squinting, I can see them on the horizon, the tiny boats splitting the oranges and blues of the twilight sky. At first only one

36 Hours in Berlin

On Nov. 9, 1989, the East German government made a surprising announcement: It was easing up travel restrictions on its citizens. East Berliners flocked to the nearest border crossings at the Berlin Wall, especially at Checkpoint Charlie, the famed crossing between the divided Berlins. Not long after that, Berliners from

Christmas (on the Cheap) in January

It’s the season of lights, holiday markets and caroling. And it’s also a time of crowds and inflated hotel rates. But many cities keep the seasonal lights on in January, when the throngs and prices ease. Many also add events to entice travelers, including food and arts celebrations. The following

36 Hours in Kochi, India

Kerala, as they say, is “God’s Own Country,” a nod to its lush natural beauty, beguiling backwaters and wealth of spices that have been the Holy Grail for generations of seafarers. But the catchy tourism slogan could also be a tribute to the various religious traditions that have thrived there

On a Bahamas Sail, 8 Friends Get a Taste of Robinson Crusoe

Thick emerald waves broke over a quarter-mile-long sandbar, blocking our way. A few hundred yards east, whitecaps crashed across Exuma Sound — a 6,000-foot-deep abyss of rolling swells and powerful trade winds that would likely flip our tiny sailboats. Beyond the sandbar, we could see the tranquil flats of the

Luxury for Less: The Travel Advisor Gambit

After visiting the Grand Canyon with my 9-year-old daughter in August, I splurged on a two-night stay at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Ariz., to cap off our mother-daughter trip. Upon arrival, we were upgraded to a two-bedroom, two-bath suite with a kitchenette, a fireplace and dual balconies facing the

Help! I’m Stuck on a Train and My Plane Is Leaving Without Me

Dear Tripped Up, Last December, I missed my flight from Frankfurt to Denver because of a delayed Deutsche Bahn train. When I called Icelandair from the train, I was told that because I had already checked in online the night before, the ticket was no longer changeable and that I

TripAdvisor Ends Ticket Sales to Attractions That Breed or Buy Dolphins and Whales

TripAdvisor will no longer sell tickets to attractions that breed, import or capture whales, dolphins, porpoises and other cetaceans for public display, the company announced on Wednesday. The move will ban sales to attractions and events at parks and aquariums worldwide, including SeaWorld, which has locations in Florida, Texas and

In the Swiss Alps, Walking a Cliff’s Edge to History

Just outside the train station in the Swiss town of Sion, a yellow signpost points hikers in two main directions with no fewer than 16 routes to choose from. As you cross the medieval downtown, keeping the Valère Basilica and the Tourbillon Castle on the right, aim for the Valaisanne