TUI issues travel warning for vaccinated Brits using NHS Covid app

TUI has issued a travel warning for all Brits travelling abroad using the NHS Covid app. Anyone travelling abroad using the NHS Covid vaccine passport will need to update it urgently, or reprint it, or risk being banned from flying. TUI said in a statement on their website: "The FCDO

Holiday warning for Brits travelling with NHS Covid vaccine passports as passengers face being turned away from flights

BRITS travelling abroad with their NHS Covid vaccine passports will need to update it urgently, or risk being banned from flying. The government has updated their travel advice for vaccinated travellers, following the EU decision to accept the NHS Covid pass. Last week, the European Commission confirmed that the UK

Spain holiday warning as more flights to La Palma are cancelled due to volcano eruption

MORE flights in Spain have been cancelled as the volcano eruption on the island of La Palma continues to disrupt airlines. The Cumbre Vieja volcano, which began erupting last Sunday, entered a new explosive phase as a new emission vent opened to the west of the main one. The airport, which initially

Warning to Brit holidaymakers as family stopped from flight – for taking Covid test 15 minutes too EARLY

A FAMILY were stopped from boarding their flight to Croatia after they were told that they had taken their Covid test just 15 minutes too early. The holidaymakers took the pre-departure test according to the flight's departure time – when it should have been the arrival time. The family, who

Mum's warning after baby left critically ill and 'gasping for breath' after swallowing Aldi trolley token

A MOTHER shared a harrowing warning as her baby was rushed to hospital vomiting and "gasping for breath" after swallowing an Aldi trolley token. The concerned parent shared on Instagram that she heard her little one scream and vomit but had no idea what could have prompted the response. She

Warning over retailers that use buy now, pay later firms putting shoppers at risk of losing cash for faulty items

SHOPPERS are being warned that online retailers that use trusted payment services, such as buy now, pay later schemes, put them at risk of losing money for unwanted or faulty items. Consumer group Which? is urging customers to read retailers' returns policies before parting with their cash. More than 170

Mum issues stark warning after son’s scooter burst into flames as he charged it and she begs others to be aware – The Sun

A MUM was left horrified after her son's electric scooter went up in flames in her front garden. In a shocking video clip shared on Facebook, the woman can be heard saying "Jesus," as the back of the scooter is surrounded by bright orange flames. The fire crackles and billows