Do You Really Need a Straw With That?

“It was never just about the straw,” said Christine Figgener, 35, who was calling from Texas A&M University, where she is finishing a Ph.D. in marine biology. Her voice got stronger the more she ranted. “The straw was supposed to be a symbol, a poster child. It’s a low-hanging fruit.”

In the Swiss Alps, Walking a Cliff’s Edge to History

Just outside the train station in the Swiss town of Sion, a yellow signpost points hikers in two main directions with no fewer than 16 routes to choose from. As you cross the medieval downtown, keeping the Valère Basilica and the Tourbillon Castle on the right, aim for the Valaisanne

Earth’s water came from a collision 4 billion years ago

Water arrived on Earth at exactly the same time that the moon was created over 4 billion years ago, according to a new study. This phenomenon is thought to have happened when an “ancient planet” called Theia smashed into Earth. Planetologists at the University of Münster in Germany have collected