Dangerous heat wave threatens drought-stricken West

A dangerous heat wave, even as measured against the standards of the often-scorching Southwest, is in the process of developing now and will continue to intensify this week. This comes on top of the worst drought across the western United States in modern history. Not only does the heat pose

9 stylish hot water bottles to keep you cosy this winter

Keep cosy with our hot water bottle edit. Not only is winter here, but we’re strapping ourselves in for what is predicted to be a very chilly next few weeks.  With many of us working from home all day or at least spending most of our time indoors, we’ve been

Extreme weather chaser George Kourounis on his most daring escapades

‘I am addicted to extremes!’ Adventurer shares photos of his most daring escapades, from chasing epic storms to exploring 400C lava-filled volcano craters George Kourounis from Canada started professionally chasing extreme weather and environments in 1997 He famously descended inside the Darvaza flaming gas crater in Turkmenistan to set a world

Brad Pitt gives a weather update on John Krasinski’s YouTube show

John Krasinski‘s YouTube series has been pulling in some A-list talent, which now includes Brad Pitt. Much to the delight of fans, the 56-year-old actor showed up for a brief cameo as a laidback meteorologist on Sunday’s episode of “Some Good News.” “We should do a check on the weather.

Fog and flooding to bring travel misery to Britain on New Year’s Day

Fog and flooding are set to strike Britain today, causing traffic disruption for many. Low visibility is expected in swathes of the country this morning, while flood warnings are in force across south-west England. The Environment Agency has predicted travel disruption as roads and homes are flooded. The organisation has

Boxing Day facing heavy downpours with 36 flood warnings in place

Shoppers hoping to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales are likely to face a deluge of rain across parts of the UK, the Met Office has said. Christmas Day's clear skies will turn to cloud, wind and rain today, with the south west of England experiencing the heaviest downpours.