Will Morrisons sell to firm whose ex-boss paid Jeffrey Epstein £114m?

RUTH SUNDERLAND: Do they really want to sell Morrisons to a firm whose ex-boss paid paedophile Jeffrey Epstein £114m? Bidding wars are usually greeted with great excitement in the City, but the battle that has broken out for control of supermarket group Morrisons should make our hearts sink. No fewer

4 Ex-Employees Of Elon Musk Who Are Now His Billionaire Rivals

Elon Musk has single-handedly changed the landscape of the electric vehicle market. Well, sort of. He’s the driving force behind Tesla, the biggest, most dominant heavyweight that has trail-blazed through the electric vehicle market, smashing records every step of the way. However, he didn’t get there alone. In order to

Here’s what it really means when you crave cheese

Craving cheese might not be an uncommon occurrence for many of us, but sometimes, these food cravings may come from a lack of certain nutrients. Since cheese has a healthy amount of fat, for example, it may signal that your system needs more of these components. Indeed, as nutritionist Tamar

'Big Brother 22': Where the Alliances Stand Going Into Unprecedented Triple Eviction

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.] On Oct. 1, 2020, the Big Brother 22 houseguests will face off in the first-ever triple eviction. Following the Week 8 elimination, only two players remain who are not a part of the dominating alliance, The Committee. The group must turn on itself soon, and

Female singers of the ’90s: Where are they now?

Where has the time gone? The ’90s was a pivotal time for female singers, with many entering the spotlight throughout the decade. Among the most beloved to debut? Singer-songwriter Jewel, whose first album, “Pieces of You,” came out 25 years ago! Thanks to her catchy singles like “Who Will Save

I was told to let twins die when I gave birth at 22 weeks- docs refused drugs & care, but now they’re healthy toddlers

A MUM has hit back at her doctors who said she should let her twin daughters die when she went into labour at 22 weeks and refused to give her care. Kayla Ibarra was already a mum to 18-month old Noah when her and her husband decided to try for

Viewers horrified by family who send piglets to the slaughterhouse

Couple and their two sons are accused of crying ‘crocodile tears’ by viewers after deciding to send six-week-old piglets they adopted to the slaughter on Meat The Family – before welcoming them back as sausages John and Dawn, from north England, adopted two piglets on Meat the Family  Channel 4