This is why you can’t buy garlic right now

If you’ve been in the mood for marinara lately, or a nice homemade pizza sauce, you may have been in for a disappointment when you went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients. Chances are, you may have been unable to find any fresh garlic. By now we’re all

Why Brielle Biermann Wishes Her Friends Said Her Lip Fillers ‘Looked Crazy’

Brielle Biermann’s lips are a hot topic of conversation. The 23-year-old reality star is known for her plump pout, but she’s apparently reconsidering “big lips” entirely. Stars Without Makeup: See Stars Going Makeup-Free and Loving It! The KAB Cosmetics cofounder made headlines when she decided to dissolve her lip filler

Why a Bath Beer Is the New Shower Beer

I’ve never understood shower beers. Showering while drinking beer is multitasking and, like a 2013 study found, even though people think that they’re doing all the things well while multitasking, they’re actually doing all the things poorly. Try as I had, repeatedly, to enjoy a shower beer, my body only

Why Swimming is Considered Cardio

Take an Olympic swimmer and Olympic runner and stand them next to each other, and there’s no doubt both will look super fit. They’ll both also have excellent cardiovascular conditioning. “You often hear people wonder whether swimming is a cardiovascular workout, especially if it feels easy to them,” says Chris

Why you should opt for a UK holiday after the lockdown is lifted – here are some of Britain’s most exotic spots – The Sun

HOLIDAYMAKERS have had to put their trips on hold this year as the UK government bans all but essential travel. However, families are already planning their next holiday – and picking a holiday in Britain may be the best choice. Essential travel also prohibits UK travel, meaning holidays to the

Why people keep hearing howling at 8 p.m. across Denver

You’ve likely heard it already. And if you haven’t, you’ll likely be hearing it soon. The howl. You might think it’s wolves or coyotes. You may wonder what’s going on with the neighborhood dogs. Or you may even check your computer to make sure you didn’t leave that nature documentary

Colton Shares Why He & Cassie Haven’t Moved In Together Yet Post-‘Bachelor’

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have pretty much been inseparable since meeting on The Bachelor. However, there’s one relationship milestone that the couple is holding off on until they’re ready to tie the knot. While appearing on Us Weekly‘s "Here for the Right Reasons" podcast, Colton revealed he and Cassie

Why are black people so often watched by security while shopping?

Kesiena, 11, went into an M&S store last year for some biscuits. When security staff caught sight of a lone black boy minding his own business, they began following him. Dad Roy claims they followed Kesiena until he paid and even went on to follow him outside the store until

Why there's no better place for a family villa holiday than Majorca

Views with a room! There’s no better place for a family villa holiday than Majorca. But it’s best to avoid squabbles over who sleeps where… Robert Hardman took his family on a villa holiday on Majorca’s northern coast  He stayed a couple of miles from the beach resort of Ca’n