The Real Reason You Need To Change The Way You Talk About Food

We’ve all heard of “body shaming” or “fat shaming” (although “thin shaming” is a thing, too), which is what happens when people are openly critical of other peoples’ – or, at times, even their own – shape and size. Yes, it’s a bad thing, but the issue is a bit

All The Things You Probably Never Knew About Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares was reality TV gold. The show, which ran for seven seasons with 92 episodes (as per IMDb), followed celebrity chef and world-famous raw fish smasher Gordon Ramsay as he attempted to help failing restaurants and, as Fox put it, “wake them up from their kitchen nightmares.” Just as

What You Need To Know About Malört

Chicago is nothing if not unique — long known as America’s “Second City” (behind NYC, one presumes — although arguably it could have long since been demoted to “Third City” behind LA), it also claims the shores of Lake Michigan as the Third Coast. To Chicago do we owe such

Why You Should Stay Away From The Keto Diet If You’re Pregnant

A lot of people resort to the keto diet for weight loss and to improve their cholesterol levels. Several fitness experts also recommend the low-carb, high-fat diet for their clients, and some YouTubers who are into health made videos about their journey and progress. Many individuals, young and old, who

Can YOU spot the budget Easter decorations among the luxury options?

Sales of Easter-themed decorations have doubled as Britons go wild for spring flowers and bunny ornaments – so can YOU tell which of these festive wreaths is just £4.99 and which is more than £100? Amazon is selling wreaths to decorate homes this Easter with prices from £4.99 However, florists

You Will Have These Classic Tory Burch Flip Flops for Years — Only $58!

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Finally, 8 London events you can book for this summer

Who’s ready to start making plans in London for 2021? From art gallery exhibitions to a dog show, we’ve rounded up some of the best things you can book tickets for right now. Finally, we can start looking ahead to a post-lockdown life. According to the government’s lockdown-easing roadmap, venues

What You Need To Know Before Eating Nutritional Yeast

You probably know that yeast helps bread rise and ferment grains to make beer. You may have heard of nutritional yeast, sometimes called vegan cheese, but you might not know what it is and how you could add it to your diet as a seasoning that packs a nutritional punch

Lululemon’s Plan to Make You Comfier\u2014So You’ll Want to Work Out More

Ben Stubbington, SVP of design and concepts at Lululemon, tells Men’s Health that innovations in fabric will make it feel more comfortable and motivate wearers to exercise more. We believe when you feel your best, you perform your best. Through scientific studies and testing we realized how a knee, or