10 Nice Cities In Europe Where You Can Live Like Royalty On A Low Wage

Europe is an absolutely stunning continent from pillar to post and exploring it thoroughly should be on the bucket list of, well, pretty much everyone. The best part is that you don’t exactly need to be a billionaire in order to make the trip.

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If you’ve ever thought about moving to one of your favorite cities, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to be rich in order to live there, either. It doesn’t matter what your wages are in these cities, because there’s a very good chance that you’ll be just fine and pretty damn comfortable.

10 Gdansk

When you take a quick stroll around Gdansk it quickly becomes evident that this is a special place, from the music on the streets to the architecture to the many, many world class restaurants to explore.

In terms of the standard of living, we’re not entirely sure that you can get much better than Gdansk. The Polish currency of ‘zloty’ ensures that while some of the wages may be a little bit lower, that also allows for much, much cheaper rates on everyday items – in addition to things like accommodation.

9 Seville

Seville is quickly rising up through the ranks as a hotspot within the realms of Europe, and rightly so. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it is at the heart of Spanish culture. Plus, and this can’t be understated, it’s not as busy as Madrid or Barcelona.

Alas, while it may be a popular tourist destination, and it’s still considered to be around 50% less expensive in comparison to ‘grander’ cities such as London. Perhaps it’s just a little bit more niche, and if that’s the case, we’d try and get out there now before it gets too insanely popular.

8 Valencia

In the same vein as Seville, Valencia lives off of the reputation of being the primary (or one of the primary) alternatives within Spanish travel. It’s quite the city in more ways than one, from the weather to the unbelievable architecture and atmosphere that is felt throughout the core of the streets.

They gave the world paella and they also gave us a lot of joy, but the tourism levels aren’t on the same level as many of their national ‘rivals’, which in the end, could certainly be viewed as a good thing.

7 Tallinn

The small and vibrant expat community of Tallinn is viewed as a little bit alternative, but in coalition with that, you’ve also got a city that looks like it’s been painted or thought up as a place of wonder and imagination.

If you want a quick meal out, it’ll be cheap. If you want a nice drink or two, it’ll be cheap. If you want to live there, then yes, it’ll be cheaper. Staying central is the right way to go, too, because the outskirts aren’t quite as ’intoxicating’ so to speak.

6 Cologne

Happiness is at the heart of pretty much everything and that’s what you’re going to get in Cologne (even though you can spell it a million and one different ways). It’s the kind of place where you could go on a night out with $50, come back with $30 and still have had the time of your life.

This super friendly city provides expats with a great option when it comes to escaping their own city or town and experiencing something different. There are plenty of English speakers there, too, so it’s not like you’re going to be all on your own.

5 Lisbon

Portugal gets an unwarranted reputation for being a bit pricy, and we think that’s probably because it’s a little bit more luxurious. Porto is going to set you back a little bit more in a financial sense, whereas Lisbon just seems to have a bit more history about it.

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The rustic charm of the city is echoed throughout every shop, bar, restaurant or tourist attraction that they have – and above all else, there’s a whole lot of land for accommodation at great prices. It really is quite hard not to fall in love with it.

4 Budapest

When you live in Budapest there tends to be a lot of locals eating out most nights – or cooking luxury meals in their own homes. One of the reasons for this is because people tend to have quite a bit of cash left over after paying for their accommodation.

People tend to pitch up on the outskirts but it’s not like living more centrally is going to be too much of an issue, either. The estate agents you have to deal with are often pretty great, too, but of course, don’t let the beauty of the city cloud your judgment on that.

3 Prague

For those of you who like to party and relax in equal measure, Prague feels like the sort of city that you’re going to absolutely love settling down in.

It’s rugged because of course it is, and you certainly have to earn what you get there more so than most other destinations. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, though, because everyone that lives there is willing to get their head down and do the hard work necessary to thrive in the city. It’s an old school saying but it still functions pretty well: work hard, play hard.

2 Liverpool

The streets of Liverpool have seen a thing or two, and as a historic working class city, it’s always going to be viewed pretty favorably. The north of England is always known for being much cheaper than the south, and that certainly rings true. The urban areas aren’t always great, but in terms of the city itself, there are very few places that will make you feel quite as happy.

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Liverpool is full of life and people who live here aren’t going to be struggling which, unfortunately, quite a few people around England are.

1 Wroclaw

The mix of business and pleasure in Wroclaw is evident, as it feels a little bit more industrial than other cities across Poland. It seems to only now be rising up as an option for tourists, so again, striking while the iron is hot may be the best move forward here.

Everyone likes to get a little bit tipsy in some of the neighboring cities around Wroclaw, and that’s probably true of the city itself. However, it’s worth remembering that the peace and serenity of a city can be viewed as a real benefit.

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