6 glorious destinations for those who want to get some sun this autumn

Written by Leah Sinclair

As temperatures are expected to cool and with rain is on its way here in the UK, here are a few places you can visit to get a dose of Vitamin D this autumn. 

Summer is officially over – and I, for one, am sad about it.

While I am a quintessential winter baby who loves everything that the season has to bring (including the rain), I have to admit that having an actual summer has been nice, I was able to spend time lounging at rooftop bars and alfresco restaurants, enjoying long lazy days in the park and impromptu train rides to nearby beaches. Just talking about it is enough to make me want to turn back time.

And while we can’t waste time dwelling on the past, there are ways to still geta dose of vitamin D and indulge in some post-summer sun – and if you’re in the market for an autumn or winter holiday abroad, these destinations are perfect for getting some sun long after summer is over.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Autumn sunshine: Dubrovnik

Croatia has remained a summer hotspot over the past few years – but autumn can be a great time to visit the country. While temperatures may be cooler, they can still reach highs of 22-23°C degrees, allowing you to still experience the cool sea breeze and sun while not having to deal with super busy crowds – particularly in Dubrovnik.

The city is often filled with people during the summer months, making autumn the perfect time to explore the Old Town, and the various beaches while taking in the beauty of the city and surrounding areas.

While there you can do everything from enjoying the chic and relaxing Copacabana Beach Club, which is filled with sun loungers, beds, and the perfect beach bar to enjoy a cocktail or two, to exploring the historic Old Town.

Marrakech, Morocco

Autumn sunshine: Marrakech

With highs of 30°c and an average temperature of 25°C, Marrakech is definitely on my list.

The bustling city is a treat for the senses, as you get to immerse yourself in the culture and do it all in warm conditions.

Indulging in some souq shopping or visiting the iconic Musee Yves Saint Laurent is among some of the many things you can do while in Marrakech, along with enjoying some of the restaurants including, Medi-Moroccan fusion restaurant +61, medina’s buzzy spot Nomad and Al Baraka for authentic Moroccon cuisine and stunning panoramic views.

Sicily, Italy

Autumn sunshine: Sicily

Sicily has an average high of 22ºC in October, so it’s still nice and warm while we here in the UK are likely to experience rain (and more rain).

That means you get to enjoy the stunning island and its various landscapes, whether visiting the Valley of Temples or the extraordinary Cappella Palatina chapel.

If you’re more into relaxing by the beach, take yourself over to Lungomare di Cefalù, the perfect spot for all-day bathing.

Valletta, Malta

Autumn sunshine: Valletta

If you want some sun close to home, Malta is always a good option – and Valletta is on my list.

The tiny capital of the island is known for its baroque architecture and fortified city walls but it’s a true mix of charming history and modernity all in one spot. The temperature during autumn is pretty warm and crowds are low in comparison to the summer months, making it a great time to explore without all the fuss.

Visit the opulent Saint John’s co-cathedral with its gilded walls and stunning ceiling paintings or cruise around the grand harbour on a guided boat tour that allows you to see the sights while learning about the history.

Limassol, Cyprus

Autumn sunshine: Limassol

With an average temperature of22ºC in November and seven hours of sunshine, Cyprus is definitely worth visiting for a dose of sea, sand and relaxation during the colder months in the UK.

Turquoise waters and sandy beaches can be found at Fig Tree Bay, along with a visit to the Blue Lagoon, which is known for its crystal clear water that is perfect for snorkelling (even in November).

If you want more art and culture offerings, there’s the Cyprus Museum, which houses a collection of antiquities, the stunning Bellapais Monastery and the picturesque Büyük Han, a great spot for grabbing lunch and taking in the architecture.

Lisbon, Portugal

Autumn sunshine: Lisbon

You really can’t go wrong with a visit to Portugal’s capital  –and with average highs of 23°C in October and 18°C in November, this coastal city has everything you need for a summer getaway in autumn.

Ample bars and restaurants? Check. A buzzing nightlife? Double check. A plethora of sandy beaches? Triple check. The list truly goes on.

Head to the Praia de Carcavalos beach which is a 30-minute train ride from central Lisbon for some beach fun or potter around Feira da Ladra flea market for some fabulous bargains, from books to jewellery.

And when it comes to restaurants, Lisbon is filled with viable options. Book a reservation at Loco, the haute cuisine restaurant headed by chef Alexandre Silva and enjoy dishes inspired by Portuguese flavours.

If you’re looking for a rooftop bar, head over to Limão Chill-Out Terrace at the top of the lovely H10 Duque de Loulé Hotel. Enjoy their classic cocktails while checking out the fantastic panoramic view over Lisbon city and the Tagus.

With autumn officially upon us, getting that little bit of sunshine where we can is key – and hopefully, these destinations serve as the inspo you need to get that flight and take that much-needed trip over the next couple months.

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