A 'wellness train' with crafts and meditation is coming

Getting the train isn’t typically what you’d think of as a peaceful, restorative experience.

Instead, you’re more likely to associate a rail journey with sweat, stress, and having to gently ask someone to exit the seat you reserved well in advance.

LNER is trying to do some work to get rid of that perception.

No, not by sorting out all trains to make them a less irritating experience (sadly), but by launching The Wellness Train, a service dedicated to mindfulness and wellbeing.

What does that mean, you may ask?

Well, it’s a train that takes you from London to Lincoln, but with each carriage having a dedicated activity of crafts, mindfulness or meditation.

It’s all been designed to help travellers switch off from ‘everyday noise’ and restore their mental health.

There are some celebs involved in the fun – James Middleton will lead personal training sessions aboard, while Anna Richardson will pop on too.

Crafts on offer include knitting hand warmers with Wool Winders, making macrame wall hangers with Restoration LDN, doing origami with Origami Party London, playing games, completing puzzles, and doodling.

The Now Project will also be on hand to offer mindfulness and meditation sessions, and there’ll be a bespoke ‘mindful menu’ prepared by the catering team.

Plus, you’ll get a goody bag. Always a bonus.

The special train will take off from King’s Cross on Saturday May 7, at 8.06am, and tickets will start from £50. You’ll need to book through Eventbrite if you’re keen, rather than picking up tickets in your usual way. Spaces are limited, so move fast.

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