Brits on holiday in Greece to be banned from leaving their hotels following country’s 'drastic' new lockdown

GREECE is enforcing an 'drastic' new lockdown to reduce the spread of coronavirus, affecting British tourists currently on holiday there.

The new restrictions mean tourists must remain in their hotel or accommodation unless given permission to leave.

The lockdown, in place from tomorrow for three weeks, will also include the closure of all shops excluding supermarkets and pharmacies.

Authorities are reintroducing a text messaging system to grant people permission to leave their homes — which is allowed only for work, shopping for essentials, visiting a doctor or exercising.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said it was a "difficult decision" but that "measures must be taken for three weeks to overcome this second wave".

Tourists will also now have to have a negative coronavirus test to enter the country, he explained, taken 48 hours before arriving.

While Greece is currently off-limits for Brits, due to the UK's month-long lockdown, the country remained one of the few which had no quarantine or entry restrictions.

Many holidaymakers fled the UK to Greece yesterday to get a last-minute holiday, but will be subject to the new restrictions.

The new lockdown comes as the daily tally of coronavirus cases continues to grow.

A total of 2,915 new infections and 29 deaths were recorded yesterday – the highest in Greece since the pandemic began.

The virus has killed 702 people in Greece among almost 50,000 infected.

The number of patients hospitalised on ventilators has more than doubled in a month, from 82 on October 4 to 169 on Wednesday.

Germany, Denmark and Sweden were all added to the UK's quarantine list last night, further reducing the countries Brits can travel to.

However, all holidays abroad are off until at least December 2, due to the new lockdown.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be fined £200, which doubles for every offence.

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