Cheap and free outdoor family activities for the summer 2019

THE summer holidays is just around the corner and you're probably already thinking about getting the hats out and the sun screen on.

But if you're not going away this summer, you might be stuck for ideas for things to keep your kids entertained.

There's everything from parks to outdoor adventures right here in the UK – and they don't have to cost a fortune.

So if you're looking for some good budget-friendly ideas, we've rounded up some of the best cheap and free things to do so you and your family can make the most of the good weather.

Read on for inspiration for this summer.

1. Park visits

Incredible National Parks are a staple of the UK's rich landscape, and it's perfect for a day out with the family.

To keep things budget-friendly, pack some home-made sandwiches, fill up your water and don't forget your book.

Kids can have fun with ball games, or discover the amazing landscape that's around them.

2. Beach Trips

Yes, yes, yes, it's finally the beach season – and even here in the UK.

It's easy to fill your day with everything from swimming to throwing around a frisbee on the beach.

Just find your nearest beach and don't forget hats and sunscreen.

We've also rounded up some beauty spots that are so stunning, you won't believe that they're in the UK.

3. Theme Parks

Who doesn't love a good rollercoaster ride?

Summer is the perfect time to visit one (or maybe all) of the UK's theme parks: mini-cities built within them will entertain both parents and kids alike.

Thorpe Park Resort, Legoland Windsor Resort, Alton Towers, and Drayton Manor Theme Park are only a few options you can choose from.

We've also rounded up some amazing theme park deals here.

  • Thorpe Park Resort, 1 day ticket for £33pp – buy here

4. Experience Days

Experience days are becoming more and more popular among families that are keen to get out of their comfort zone or – just simply want to spice up their free time.

Dig into the most popular websites, such as Buy a Gift, Virgin Experience Days and Experience Days and get ready for your next adventure together.

  • Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm Entry with Alpaca Walk for Two Adults a Two Children, £29 from Buy A Gift – buy here

5. Go Camping

Even if it's only in your back garden: it's fun, engaging, entertaining and it feels like an adventure.

Why not teach your kids to make a bonfire or build a tent – and we all know that marshmallows are tastier when roasted on a stick.

Summer is a perfect time to teach your kids new skills and show how beautiful the night sky is.

And check out our guide to the best camping accessories to take with you.

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Here we've revealed how you can keep cost low when preparing your kids to school's strips.

If you are looking for more gorgeous spots around Britain, here are our tops picks. 

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