Couple left horrified when they find out their holiday outfits have been sending a raunchy secret signal | The Sun

A COUPLE were horrified to realise their clothing had been sending a raunchy signal while on holiday.

Holidaymaker Linda and her husband were on a beach holiday together, posting images of themselves in their swimwear.

However, the pair of them had opted for matching pineapple swimwear – and didn't realise its hidden meaning.

The swimwear had upside-down pineapples on them – which is known as a code for being swingers.

Linda posted a video saying: "Thinking of wearing matching pineapple swimsuits with my husband on vacation because I thought it was cute."

She added: "People were a little extra nice."

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Linda also said in the comments: "Oops no one told me."

The video has been liked more than 218k times, although some people were just as stunned.

One person said: "I feel like they should pick something a little more obscure, pineapple stuff is too cute."

Another said: "I am not a swinger I just like pineapples damn it!"

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A third wrote: "I’m a swinger and never heard this until recently."

The use of upside-down pineapples is also common on cruise ships.

Following a TikTok video showing pineapples on doors, people explained their hidden meaning.

One person wrote: “Those people are swinging. I learned that at a young age from my first cruise.”

Another backed this up: “It’s a swinger’s symbol. They have swingers clubs on cruises. I’ve been on enough to know.”

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