Don't even book a foreign holiday for NEXT year, says top government adviser

A TOP Covid government advisor has said that he won't be booking a holiday this year or even in 2022, despite plans to resume travel by the summer.

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that foreign holidays may restart from May 17, with an official timeline to be given on April 12.

While this is the earliest they will restart, it is more likely that they will resume from June 21, when there are no travel restrictions for UK holidays.

However Professor Graham Medley, the Government’s chief pandemic modeller who also sits on SAGE, told LBC that it is still a "time of caution" and he wouldn't even book a holiday in 2022.

He said: "I didn’t last year and I won’t next year probably either, I think it’s a time of caution and we need to see that."

He explained that while the UK is one of the leading countries for the vaccine rollout, with 17m having their first dose, he warned that other countries are "not doing so well".

He continued: "I think the whole situation's going to be uncertain for a long time, we’ve got more optimism and certainty now in this country than we have for most other places.

“The discussions are increasingly going to become to look overseas to see what’s happening."

However Brits are already bookings their trips for later this year after being given hope following the government announcement yesterday.

Boris Johnson explained that there will be four reviews in place, one of which will be to "consider the resumption of international travel which is vital for many businesses which have been hardest hit including retail, hospitality, tourism and aviation."

He added: "I believe setting a deadline of April 12 for the report of the reconstituted travel taskforce will give people time to make their plans for the summer.

“If things go well, if we can meet these not before dates, then I do believe there is every chance of an aviation recovery later on this year.”

Spain and Greece are high on the list for Brits booking holidays, with tour operators such as easyJet saying bookings have jumped by 630 per cent following the announcement.

Not only that, but vaccine passports are also being discussed to allow restriction-free travel to destinations, something both Spain and Greece have supported.

UK holidays will be able to resume from April 12, but only at self-catered accommodation and for one household.

From May 17, hotels will be able to open, with holidays for up to two households or the rule of six from more than two households.

From June 21, there will be no restrictions on travel.

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