Flight attendant reveals the 'game-changing' item he always packs when travelling

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the items he always takes with him on holiday – and one which people have called a "game-changer".

Miguel Munoz, who has been a member of the cabin crew for six years, explained how they are ideal for anyone planning on moving around while travelling.

He explained that the "clothes packs" which are like packing cubes are his "essential".

He said: "I always pack all my clothes in these little compartments I once got online. 

"They are little bags or 'packs' as I call them to organise and pack your clothes."

The best way to use them, he says, is by using a new pack for each day of clothes, so they are easy to grab each day.

Fans said it was a genius idea, calling it a "game-changer".

However that isn't the only thing he says to take with him all the time – and one of those is coffee sachets.

He said: "You don't want to get up in the morning, realise you missed breakfast and not have any coffee in the room!"

"I also carry my own mug, salt and pepper [and] my own bamboo cutlery set."

Another flight attendant explained how she often takes instant porridge with her – perfect if the hotel doesn't have breakfast, as you can use the hot water from the kettle.

Kat Kamalani, based in Salt Lake City in Utah, said: "If you don’t have a microwave, bring an instant oatmeal packet with you while traveling and use the boiling water from the coffee machine to have breakfast."

With most supermarkets selling single sachets of porridge, costing as little as £1 for 10, it is an affordable way to eat if there is little else.

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