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AN EX-FLIGHT attendant has revealed the seat she would never book on a plane.

Kat Kalamani often shares her tips and secrets about the job on her TikTok account.

In one of her videos, she explained that there was one seat she would never book on a flight.

She told her thousands of followers: "I always try to get a middle or an aisle seat.

"I never get the window seat for safety purposes."

Some people agreed with her, as one commented: "I always have to sit in the aisle. I hate window seats."

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And lots of people referenced the 2018 incident when passenger Jennifer Riordan died after being partially sucked out of the plane window during the flight.

Not everyone agreed and some flight attendants didn't back Kat up.

One wrote: "I was a flight attendant for 14 years… I have never heard of someone being safer in the middle seat.

Another said they thought it could actually be safer.

They said: "Interesting, as a former flight attendant I always want the window seat for safety reasons.

"Severe turbulence – I am safer in the window from all of luggage in the bins or people/bev carts in the aisle coming down on me."

The middle seat is actually the safest on a plane in the event of an emergency, according to a study.

Research done by the Aviation Safety Network analysed 65 plane crashes and found which seats were safest, based on survival rates.

A middle seat at the back of a plane was found to be the safest, with a 28 per cent mortality rate.

Seats further forward had a mortality rate of 44 per cent while seats at the back of the cabin had the lowest fatality rate at 32 per cent.

And experts have revealed what each seat says about you as a person – but window seat fans won't be pleased.

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