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A MAN has revealed the shocking reason you should never use the safe in your hotel room.

Most people are more than happy to put their trust in the safe in their hotel room, but it appears they could be much easier to break into than you might expect.

The safes work in a very simple way – guests set a code, which only they know, meaning other people can't access the safe and the valuable belongings inside.

However, resetting the code on the safe is a lot simpler than people may realise, according to a video shared by Tiktoker Daniella Álvarez (@alvarezdanielaa).

The footage shows Daniella's partner explaining how easy it is to make the door open, even if you don't know the secret code that has been set by those staying in the room.

In the video he says: "Guys, this is gonna blow your mind. It's super shocking."

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He then reveals that by tapping the 'lock' button twice, guests are able to reset the code, by putting in the "supercode" which he says is 000000.

He continues: "Let's say I forgot my code. So what am I supposed to do?

"I could call reception, but no, all I need to do is double tap the 'lock' button, then enter zero six times.

"This is a supercode and it overwrites everything.

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"I bet you in 99% of all the hotel safes in the world, this is going to work."

The video has been seen more than 12,000 times and has shocked those who have seen it.

One said: "So this safe is not so safe."

Another wrote: "I can confirm that… I worked for 4 years in hotels as a receptionist."

A third added: "Well now we will never use the safe again in the hotel.. hoteliers, put in another mini bar instead."

Another traveller backed up the claims from the video.

He said he called the hotel reception to get into his safe, and was told to use the same code.

Other experts have revealed how simple codes can be used to get into them.

A lock-picker filmed himself using the code 999999, which he claims also resets and opens hotel safes.

The code 0000 is also often used by safe companies as a codebreaker, according to others.

If you want to keep your stuff safe, you can ask hotel staff to use their safe for any valuables.

Toni Raurich, the director of the booking platform, offered his advice on how to not get your stuff nicked in a hotel, including using an old shampoo bottle.

He told the Express: "Leaving valuables in the hotel is not always the safest option, especially if the hotel is of a very low category.

"For this reason, it is highly recommended to hide things inside the room itself, with the aim of not leaving all our money in sight or things of value.

"One of the most common travel tips is to hide money or jewellery in an empty shampoo bottle. In the same way, inside the suitcase itself, you can have hidden pockets where it is possible to hide larger objects."

Toni also said that underneath the mattress is a good spot to hide things, but advised aiming for the centre of the bed rather than just putting things under the edges.

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Meanwhile, a Tiktok user showed the extreme lengths she goes to to ensure no one breaks into her hotel room.

And this £1 household item could also help keep you safe in your hotel room.

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