How cheeky Brits are taking 12 night-holidays using just 3 days annual leave – but your boss won’t be impressed | The Sun

CHEEKY Brits are turning new 12-night holidays into a trend, by pretending they are working from home while abroad.

Employees who work in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are playing the system by taking nearly two weeks off, but using only three days of annual leave.

On the Beach claims to have seen a spike in customers taking advantage of their remote working days, to stretch traditional one week beach breaks to a 12-night stay.

The holiday company has seen a 44 per cent increase in customers booking bumper 12-night breaks, jetting off on Thursday nights and returning on Tuesday mornings.

The extra-long break has the added benefit of cheaper flights, as you aren't flying on the weekend.

Zoe Harris, Chief Customer Officer at On the Beach, said: “We're seeing more people than ever using their Working from Home flexibility to Work from Holiday.

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"With a number of hotels having business facilities and superfast free wifi, we're expecting to see more people enjoy longer breaks where they can do a mix of working and holidaying.”

Of course, so-called digital nomads have been enjoying the 'working from holiday' trend for a while now, either by living in a van or pet sitting.

For instance, one woman recently revealed she has been to ten different countries, plus her home nation Brazil, all through working as a professional pet sitter.

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She's travelled to London, as well as Cyprus, Canada, France, Croatia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, and Spain, and works remotely as an executive assistant while travelling.

Or if you're willing to put up with smaller living quarters, you could copy Lars Born and live in a converted van.

The 24 year old from Reading describes himself as a full-time content creator, so he isn’t tied down to an office or single location.

describes himself as a full-time content creator, so he isn’t tied down to an office or single location.

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