How to get a holiday certificate to say you've recovered from Covid – saving money & potential travel nightmares

IF you're planning a holiday abroad, your plans may be disrupted if you have caught Covid recently.

This is because you could still show positive signs, even if you no longer have it – but thankfully there is a way around it.

Called the Proof of Recovery certificate, many destinations accept these instead of a negative Covid test.

This includes Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria, as well as Slovenia, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Austria.

The certificate shows that the holder has antibodies and has recovered from Covid, with many countries accepting that anyone who has caught Covid is less likely to contract the virus again for another six months.

Even if you test positive for Covid again within the six months – which can happen due to false-positives – it is often accepted that you no longer have Covid 10 days after you first tested positive.

You can get a free Proof of Recovery document via the NHS app if you registered your positive test which can then be linked to the app to show as proof of travel.

If not, most private medical practices will offer them, but this can cost more than £100 per person.

For example, Medicspot charge £149 to get a certificate within 24 hours.

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To use the documents, they will often be asked for while checking in or at the border.

However, Brits are urged to check the latest rules before travelling as many countries are changing their entry restrictions at short notice.

Germany has lifted their UK travel ban, after it was introduced back in December, but France is yet to lift theirs.

Cyprus is now enforcing negative Covid tests from all arrivals, while Thailand has suspended their quarantine-free arrival scheme.

There is even better news for Brits, as it is hoped that the mandatory pre-departure test needed to return to the UK could be scrapped this week too.

Here are the latest travel restrictions for popular holiday hotspots.

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