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A HOTEL worker has revealed the reality of what it's like to live inside a big swanky resort.

A lot of people might think that living in a hotel would be luxurious, with access to all the facilities on site, but that's not always the case.

A Tiktoker known as Japp (@Japp2raww) revealed what the living quarters are like inside the hotel where she stays and works.

After taking her followers along a corridor in a video, the staff member showed them what was behind a door marked "private" which turned out to be where staff members stayed.

Inside was a small and messy apartment, with a combined kitchen and living room area.

In a caption, the Tiktoker wrote: "You ever wonder what the private room is in hotels?

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"It's a living quarters – don't mind the mess."

Some people were surprised to see that people actually lived in the hotels.

Others were shocked by what they had seen in the room.

One wrote: "Why doesn't the hotel I work at have this? We don't even have break room or anything."

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Another added: "Damn, you live like this."

Some people who live in accommodation do get to live luxuriously however.

Christine Kesteloo lives on board a cruise ship and has access to everything that guests pay hundreds of pounds for.

that's because she's a "WOB" – or a wife on board – and lives half of the year on a cruise ship alongside her staff chief engineer husband.

Former cruise director Christine, who lost her job during the Covid-19 pandemic, opened up about her luxurious lifestyle in a piece for Insider.com.

"Some would say I live like I'm on vacation every day — and I do," she explained.

"Every day, I'm in a new place and my biggest decisions are whether I want to go to teatime, lie in the sun, or do a wine tasting."

Cruise living isn't that exciting for everyone, however.

Jack Nolan is a musician who performs on board Virgin Voyage cruises and shares footage of the ships on Tiktok.

In a recent video, he gave his followers a tour of his private cabin, showing where he relaxes and how much he manages to fit into his single room.

In the video, Jack (@jackcruisesaround) starts off by saying his cabin is " so small" that he can almost "touch every wall at the same time".

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Meanwhile this cruise worker had to adapt after his sea view room got downgraded to a tiny cabin.

And this cruise staff member revealed the perks to living on board the ships.

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