If the price of your holiday drops after you book, you could get the difference back – The Sun

THERE is nothing worse than booking flights or a package holiday only to find it much cheaper elsewhere.

Thankfully, a number of airlines and holiday providers offer price match guarantees.

While they vary in how long after booking you can claim, to whether you claim before buying or after buying, there is a way to make sure you get the best deal.

This means that if you find a cheaper deal either on the airline website or on a different travel website, you could get the lowest cost.

It is also sometimes cheaper to cancel a whole holiday if it drops massively in price, with some package providers only charging the deposit to cancel.

If the deposit is less than the difference then it could also save you money – depending on how long before travelling you cancel.

From one hour after booking to three months before travelling, we reveal how to get the best bargain for your holiday abroad.

One hour after booking

Ryanair are the only airline where you need to be speedy to get the difference back.

Their lowest fare guarantee means being able to get double the difference back if you find a cheaper air fare.

However, they also state that you need to claim within one hour after booking: "The passenger needs to submit the claim using the attached form to [email protected] within 1 hour of making the booking.

"Should a claimant for any reason fail to submit the claim form within 1 hour of making the booking on www.ryanair.com, then that claim will be deemed as late and will be disregarded for the purposes of this promotion."

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