I'm a pilot and there are two times during a journey when I am BANNED from chit-chat

A PILOT has revealed there are two times during a journey where he can only talk about flight-related stuff.

The reason is so pilots can concentrate during the trickiest bits of the flight and keep passengers safe.

Harrison Murray, who uses the handle @pilot_geeza, shared a Tiktok video explaining that pilots are not allowed to talk to each other about anything other than the flight at two times during a journey.

He responded to a question from one of his followers which asked: "Is it true that you can't talk to each other for the first half hour unless it's flight related?"

He said: "That's incorrect – it's generally below 10,000ft that we say don't talk about anything other than flight-related stuff."

That is known as the sterile cockpit rule which limits what pilots can and can't do/

It states that any talking, eating or listing to music – basically anything that isn't essential to their role – is banned below 10,000ft.

Harrison revealed there is a second time during a journey when pilots are not allowed to chit-chat about anything other than the flight.

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He continued: "And also 1,000ft until the cleared altitude. Say we're at 32,000ft climbing to 33,000ft – that 1,000ft then we focus on the aircraft levelling off."

The video has been watched 236,000 times, and commenters are pleased to hear that pilots are focused during a flight.

One person wrote: "I'm glad you have to concentrate as I'm a very scared flyer."

Another commented: "Thanks for your Tiktok info – you make me feel more secure."

A third wrote: "Hi mate, love the videos, helps a lot [with] anxiety of flying."

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